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Teagan Hoseki

Name Teagan Anne Hoseki [Izal]

Position Family Member

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 14

Physical Appearance

Height 5'
Weight 100 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue

Personality & Traits

General Overview Teagan is a bright young girl who is really good with many of the classes she takes in school. Her favorite subject is math and, she is highly gifted in the subject. Her second favorite is physics because like her mother she is gifted in that as well. Teagan otherwise is somewhat passive and shy around people she doesn't know.

She is looking forward to being able to see her father everyday, but somewhat nervous about it as well. Her biggest fear is that he won't like her since the two have spent so little time together, which is something she has told nobody. Teagan has already expressed that she will miss her grandparents and friends, but is kind of looking forward to the adventure.

Personal History Teagan Hoseki was born in 2377 on board the USS Turnbull shortly after her parents had been assigned to the starship. She was only four years old when her father, Reid, was reassigned to another ship forcing the family to be separated. Teagan really doesn't remember much from when her father was around and, honestly only knows him from short visits and subspace conversations.

When she was eight years old her mother was reassigned to Utopia Planitia shipyard and they both moved to Rochester, New York where her mother had grown up. She quickly understood the fondness her mother had for the area as it was one of the most magnificent places to live. Every summer she would go out on the lake with her grandparents. And, during Christmas they would go visit her other grandparents.

By the time she was twelve years old her mother had been assigned to another station only this time they would be living on it. She would be moving to Vidal Fleet Yards in a region of space that she had never been to before now. Teagan was both terrified and nervous all at the same time and for multiple reasons.

At the end of 2389 Teagan was one of the girls who were kidnapped by a rogue Vulcan scientist. She was taken back into the past which temporarily resulted in the altering of the timeline. In this alternate timeline Teagan helped lead an assault against the station as an adult. She was later rescued by a strike team in the past and the timeline was restored.

Immediate Family

Other Family Anne (Great-Grandmother/Deceased)

Extended Family

Father Reid
Mother Elizabeth

Relationship Details

Duty Information