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Elizabeth de Planca

Name Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson]

Position Family Member

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 15

Physical Appearance

Height 4'7"
Weight 86 lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elizabeth de Planca is a bit of a free spirited individual who has yet to decide exactly what she wants to be in life. She has a wide variety of interests including botany, but hasn’t really decided what she wants to do with it. Elizabeth also enjoys writing in her free time and being around her friends having promised those she would be leaving behind that she would contact them on subspace regularly. She is both excited and nervous about being on a starship again because she somewhat remembers when the ship she was on at the age of four came under attack.

Following a surgery that left Elizabeth with telepathic and telekinetic abilities she has had to steadily become accustomed to this new fact of life. She did meet a young Betazoid since arriving at Xavier Fleet Yards where both herself and her sister are living for the time being along with the other children and civilians. This has helped her gain insight into how to better control it. It may have taken her a few weeks and, she still has a little ways to go, but she has since started to adjust and move past it.

Personal History Elizabeth de Planca is the oldest of Jordyn and Manuel’s two daughters having been born shortly after the Dominion War. She lived aboard the starship where her parents served until she was four years old when her parents opted to move both her sister and herself to live with their grandparents. Being away from her parents had a large adjustment period, but eventually she got used to life with her grandparents and sister.

Elizabeth has really struggled to find a place for herself in the school and hasn’t quite decided what she wants to do when she turns seventeen years old. She has considered Starfleet Academy much like both of her parents, but hasn’t really found anything to be passionate about. Recently her parents decided to move both her sister and her to the ship they had been assigned to.

In 2389 during a survey mission in deep space Elizabeth was allowed to accompany one of the survey teams onto the surface. While, going through a ruined building she entered a surgical room that was activated while she was inside of the room. During the procedure Elizabeth had a brain implant placed inside of her skull which later granted her telepathic abilities. As an added side effect she also has telekinetic abilities though it is unknown just how strong either are at this time. She did struggle with this change in her life for a short time, but has since come to terms with it as she learns what it means to be telepathic.

Elizabeth de Planca was involved in a major fight with her friends shortly after they had returned to the ship following the Gorn engagements. The end result was for Adriana and her to end their relationship which eventually returned to being friendly terms. She was among the girls who were kidnapped by a group of aliens not long after that. Like Adriana she pleaded with the aliens to experiment on her, but not the others including her sister.

The aliens did what they were going to do to her and her friends anyway and she was able to accept her fate at that point. When it all turned out to be a simulation she still felt like it had actually happened. Eventually she ended up together with Rose Cohen. The ship's crew were reassigned with her family being assigned to Vidal Fleet Yards.

In late 2389 she was among the girls who had been kidnapped and taken back into the past. Her telekinetic abilities were useful and she was tortured in this alternate reality worse than the others. In the other reality she ended up being the one that destroyed the station and nearly killing herself in the process. She would be rescued in the past which erased all of that.

In 2390 she found out that the implant could be safely removed and chose to keep it. That steadily changed as she thought more about it and eventually confided in Rose that she wanted it removed. When the dinosaurs were all over the station from the holoprojectors acting up she had to rescue Arika, Olivia, and Leah from them. And, a few days later had finally admitted to her parents what had happened to her and how she felt about it. She also told them about how she wanted the implant removed.

Elizabeth's life would end up changing dramatically when an artifact took control over her friend Leah. Elizabeth sped off to rescue her friend and as a result a battle between herself and Leah took place. She was injured and the implant ultimately damaged beyond repair. It was removed along with her telekinetic abilities and telepathic abilities.

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Manuel
Mother Jordyn
Siblings Ashley

Relationship Details

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