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James Cohen

Name James Cohen [Izal]

Position Computer Systems Analyst

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 229 lbs
Hair Color Graying
Eye Color Blue

Personality & Traits

General Overview James is a calm under pressure kind of officer. From time to time he still suffers from some post-traumatic syndrome due to his time in the Dominion War. A lot of things changed his life for the better namely his wife Mia and their two children Rose and Tyler. Now, he is a caring father and excellent Engineer. He has always put his family before duty and duty before everything else. Unlike most engineers he is more outgoing.

James would like to work towards getting his masters and maybe return to Earth in order to teach what he has learned back at the Academy. He considers the idea of command another important goal, but one he has tabled for now. He can be a bit hard nosed at times and, is very blunt even when people don't want to hear it. He'd sooner tell you to your face how he feels about something than to lock it behind a wall.

Personal History James Cohen was born in 2349 in Frankfurt, Germany along with his twin sister Kelsey Cohen who was born fifteen seconds after him. He is technically the middle child in the family with one older brother named Marcus II. Shortly, after his birth Samantha and Marcus I moved the family to Indianapolis, Indiana. Much like his sister he had interests in the sciences namely the physical sciences and had ambitions to become a teacher.

However, when he was sixteen years old his father convinced him to join Starfleet and become an engineer. Marcus argued that James, his son, needed to get away from Earth and see what else was out there. Mostly, because Marcus regretted having never actually joined Starfleet himself when he was younger. James applied in 2366 and was officially accepted in 2367. His sister, also adamant about joining also applied and was accepted into the Biology program.

Both twins graduated in 2371 and were officially commissioned at the rank of Ensign prior to leaving for their first assignments. Since James had focused heavily in warp theory and physics he specialized in Nebula and Galaxy class engine designs. His first assignment was aboard the USS Onnar as one of the Propulsion Officers. Two years later the Dominion War broke out just as he was being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

During his time aboard the USS Onnar he saw combat engagements multiple times which steadily shifted his personality. The change was steady at first, but became more dramatic when his best friend was killed during one of the engagements. James nearly resigned his commission, but for unknown reasons did not do so. As James was preparing to depart from the ship for his next assignment he met a young science officer named Mia Jenkins.

In under six months the couple were married and expecting their first child. Both were assigned to Starbase 10 where Rose Cohen was born. Within a year into their marriage they were expecting their second child whom they named Tyler Cohen. In 2379 James would be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant though he remained the station's Assistant Chief Engineering Officer for another year before transferring to the USS Carnage.

His family came along with him as Mia was assigned to be the ship's Assistant Chief Science Officer. Though, due to constraints she eventually resigned her commission to return to Earth with the two children. By 2387 James Cohen had opted to resign his commission from Starfleet and accepted a position as a computer systems researcher aboard Xavier Fleet Yards. His family left Earth and came to live with him on the station.

In 2389 he was asked to join the crew of the USS Onnar as a computer systems analyst and after discussing with his family and given the situation at the station he took the position. He would officially transfer to the ship following operations in the region by the USS Onnar.

Immediate Family

Significant Other Mia
Children Rose (F/14), Tyler (M/13)
Other Family Ariella (Cousin), Matthias (Cousin)

Extended Family

Father Marcus
Siblings Kelsey, Thomas

Relationship Details

Duty Information