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Cassidy Washington

Name Cassidy Washington [Moneaux]

Position Biologist, USS Onnar

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Raven Black
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cassidy is an overall quiet and calm person who places her daughter and husband before herself as any mother and spouse would do. She loves her family and is very grateful towards her mother who helped her get through the pregnancy and caring for her daughter. She is quite nervous about leaving Earth for the first time in her life, but excited at the same time. The chance to further her knowledge in her chosen field is exciting for her as well. Cassidy is also considering working towards her doctoral when she has more time to do so.

Personal History Cassidy Gregory is the only daughter and one of two children born to Beverly and James Gregory. She was born in 2362 and grew up with an interest in the field of biology much like the profession of both parents. However, unlike her parents she opted to not join Starfleet because she needed to go her own way. Her brother James II however, chose to join Starfleet Academy.

She started at California State University in the field of biology so that she could be close to her brother who was attending the Academy. In 2380 during her freshman year at the university and while visiting her older brother at Starfleet Academy she met Jeffery Washington. At first she was a little concerned about dating someone who was eventually going to be a Starfleet officer.

Her junior year at the university the two of them got married just as Jeffery was graduating and being commissioned. She became pregnant with their daughter in 2383 and struggled to get through the last year and a half at the university while raising a child alone. Jeffery had been assigned to his first duty station and they got a house on Earth in California.

In 2384 she graduated from the university and began working on her master's degree almost immediately afterwards. The next two years were more difficult than she had anticipated because she rarely saw Jeffery in person while he was away. Arika was a difficult toddler to deal with and her mother had to help her through much of it.

In 2386 Cassidy had completed her Master's in the field of biology and began working at the California Research Institute while doing work for the California State University. Life became easier for both mother and daughter and Cassidy required her mother's assistance slightly less with each passing day. In 2389 when Jeffery was reassigned to the USS Onnar both discussed the new orders on board the Galaxy class starship and came to the decision to move Arika and herself to the ship.

Cassidy took up a position on board the ship as one of the civilian researchers in the biology department. They rid themselves of the home in California and put much of their belongings in storage and the rest on board the Onnar.

Immediate Family

Significant Other Jeffery
Children Arika (F/5)

Extended Family

Father James
Mother Beverly
Siblings James II

Relationship Details

Duty Information