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Arika Washington

Name Arika Washington [J. de Planca]

Position Family Member, USS Onnar

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 6

Physical Appearance

Height 4'1"
Weight 58 lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arika, for the most part, is a quiet well-rounded child with a few rough edges and points here and there. She has had a difficult time coming to terms with being away from her grandparents who have practically raised her throughout the first couple years of her young life. She is presently filled with many different emotions about being aboard a starship and out in space.

Arika's personality hasn't really changed as much as some of the others since her experience with the alien experimentation. She is still the same spunky child that she was not long after making friends. She often has tried to reason with Olivia, but now just goes along with it.

Personal History Arika Washington was born early in the year 2384 to Jeffery and Cassidy Washington as their only child. Much of her young life was spent with her grandparents while her father was away on assignment for Starfleet and mother continued to go to her classes at California State University. Shortly after turning five years old she moved with her mother and father to the USS Onnar and would struggle with being away from her grandparents.

Arika eventually became really close friends with one of the other girls on the ship and friends with several other children as well. She has followed Olivia Grayson and Olivia's brother Owen on a great many adventures. They got lost in main engineering once when, along with three of her friends, they crawled into an access junction. Eventually she was rescued by Lieutenant Commander Yvanka Dravex and Lieutenant Tolam Pizal.

Later in 2389 while the ship was in the Gamma Quadrant she was among the group of girls to be kidnapped from the ship. She was experimented in really strange ways that Arika hasn't really figured out how to describe to anyone except for her friends. The situation was all a simulation, however, she's not really been affected as much as some of the others besides a few small things. She has yet to really discuss it with anyone either.

Her father was reassigned to Vidal Fleet Yards not long after that and has continued to go exploring on the station. Olivia and her both entered what they thought to be vacant quarters that were, in fact, occupied and they ran into Lieutenant Leyla Aiman whom she quickly befriended. Since the transfer Arika has made friends with several others her age.

In 2390 during the dinosaur incident Arika was among three girls who ended up cornered in a set of quarters. She was rescued by Elizabeth de Planca and Adriana O'Malley before going to the planet to receive treatment for some of her injuries. Since then she has sort of begun to question her friends' exploratory nature.

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Jeffery
Mother Cassidy

Relationship Details

Duty Information