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Adriana O'Malley

Name Adriana O'Malley [Hayashi]

Position Family Member

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 14

Physical Appearance

Height 4'8"
Weight 82 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Adriana is a smart and relatively strong-willed young teenage girl. She has a wide variety of talents and interests with medicine being the primary one. She misses her friends that she has had to leave behind throughout the years on board the Amundsen, but is looking forward to making new friends on the Onnar. Above all else she misses her mother because like Adriana's father, her mother was also a major role model in her life.

Personal History Adriana O'Malley is the only daughter of Stephen and Lauren O'Malley and was born shortly after the end of the Dominion War in 2375. Most of her childhood was spent aboard the USS Amundsen where she was born. She shared an interest in the medical field, something that had began to develop when she was around five years old, much like her father.

Adriana had many friends that she grew up because the same year she was born five others had children of their own. She met all five other children, three girls and two boys, when she first started going to school on board the ship. A year later two of them moved off the ship when their parents were reassigned and it was something she would struggle with early on.

When she was only eleven years old her mother died unexpectedly in a shuttle accident leaving her father and herself alone. Adriana became very depressed afterwards, but hid it from her friends that remained on board and her father Stephen. She blamed a lot of people including herself for the death of her mother. Eventually she broke down and her father had her see the ship counselor to help her get through it.

In 2388 her father had began to consider resigning his commission and she was one of the many people that managed to talk him out of it. She looked up to her father and he was the primary reason why she had been working so hard through school so that one day she could attend medical school and perhaps be able to save lives where she could not save her mother. In 2389 Adriana's father and Adriana moved to the USS Onnar where her father had been assigned to serve as the Chief Medical Officer on board.

In 2389 Adriana was one of the girls to be kidnapped from the ship by an alien race that was attempting to fix their population problems. Unaware that it was a simulation and awakening to being quite exposed Adriana tried desperately to plead with the aliens to leave Elizabeth and Jami alone who had also been taken. Later it was revealed to be a simulation, but the scars still remain to this day.

Late that year the ship crew had been reassigned to Vidal Fleet Yards and her father and the Captain decided to move in together. Her baby sister Lauren was born right before the end of the year as well. In 2390 she had realized that Neela was more like a mother to her and eventually opened up about it to both Neela and her father. She came close to admitting that the alien thing had been bothering her, but stopped short of doing that. Not long after that Neela had adopted her officially.

Immediate Family

Other Family Neela Izal (Adoptive Mother)

Extended Family

Father Stephen
Mother Lauren (Deceased)
Siblings Lauren (Half-Sister)

Relationship Details

Duty Information