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Lieutenant JG Taven

Name Taven [Hoseki]

Position Astrometrics Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6"
Weight 224 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Taven is a curious scientist, loving parent, and loving mate. He is against violence in all forms though knows how to defend himself if the time comes. While, Taven is career oriented nothing trumps the safety and well-being of his family. As he gets older in age he has begun to focus less on scientific endeavors and more on learning the inner workings of command.

Personal History Taven was born in the Raal province around 2341 prior to both his little brother Ravak and his little sister Bondar. When he was six years old he met and befriended a Vulcan girl named V'Laas and they remained friends for a number of years afterwards. Taven and V'Laas went their separate ways when they both turned seventeen years old.

He joined Starfleet Academy and completed obtaining his doctoral in astrophysics between 2358 and 2366 before being assigned to the Starfleet Science Headquarters as an Ensign. He remained all the way until 2373 when he was both mated to V'Laas after the two of them ran into each other completely by chance and when he opted to leave Starfleet unable to support the war effort.

During those two years both himself and his mate V'Laas lived on their home planet of Vulcan in the Raal province where they'd grown up. He studied as a science fellow at the Vulcan Science Headquarters and taught a few classes at the university there. At the end of the war in 2375 he returned to Starfleet as an Ensign.

Taven was assigned to the USS Galileo as an astrophysics officer in 2375 and promoted five years later in 2380. In 2377 his mate V'Laas and himself both had their first, and so far, only child whom they named Chialek. For another nine years he remained aboard the Galileo before choosing to go into the command division with the hopes of captaining his own ship one day.

In 2389 at the rank of Lieutenant JG he was reassigned to the USS Onnar, ironically named for a Vulcan researcher, as the Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer. His mate V'Laas also moved to the starship to fill the role of Anthropologist and, their son Chialek came to live with them as well. The family met up with the starship from Xavier Fleet Yards when it stopped there for supplies.
Service Record Cadet, 2358-2366, Astrophysics, Starfleet Academy
Ensign, 2366-2373, Astrophysics Research Officer, Starfleet Science Headquarters
Temporary Leave of Absence, 2373-2375, Vulcan Science Fellow, Vulcan Science Headquarters
Ensign, 2375-2380, Astrophysics Officer, USS Galileo
Lieutenant JG, 2380-2389, Astrophysics Officer, USS Galileo
Lieutenant JG, 2389-2389, Asst. Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Onnar
Lieutenant JG, 2389-Now, Asst. Chief Traffic Control Officer, Vidal Fleet Yards

Immediate Family

Significant Other V'Laas
Children Chialek (M/12)

Extended Family

Father Hukar
Mother P'Lanis
Siblings Ravak, Bondar

Relationship Details

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