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Commander Jordyn de Planca

Name Jordyn Taylor de Planca

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jordyn is both a loving wife and loving mother to her husband and their two daughters. She always thought that she'd stick with science, but something about flying a ship made her change that decision. Jordyn is now a level eight pilot after several years of training and is quite proud of her accomplishments. She is both family and career oriented, but would choose her family over the career any day.

Personal History Jordyn Taylor Matthews was born to Arielle and Hayden Matthews eighteen months after her elder brother Jacob in the year 2356 at the colony Soltok IV. However, hostilities and constant raids by Cardassian troops led the family to leave their home in 2360. They moved to Earth that year where her father began working at Starfleet Science in the research division. It was her father's work in the sciences that led her to have an interest in the same field.

In 2374 when she was eighteen years old Jordyn left for Starfleet Academy to attend and study in the field of Astrophysics. Later that year she met Manuel de Planca who was studying in the field of biology during one of their lectures. At first she resisted his inquiring her about a date, but eventually conceded. In 2376 they were married and expecting their first child together and Manuel would graduate from school that year as well.

Late in 2376 their first child, a girl they named Elizabeth, was born and with Manuel gone on assignment aboard the Kelborn and Jordyn studying her parents took over temporary care of the little girl. In 2378 she graduated from the Academy and petitioned to be assigned to the USS Kelborn along with her husband. Her request was granted and she left with Elizabeth to be an Astrophysics officer aboard. That same year they found out she was pregnant a second time and later gave birth to another daughter named Ashley.

In 2380 during a routine survey mission the vessel came under attack while she was on the bridge and had to take over piloting controls. She managed to use what little she had learned to keep the vessel from being destroyed. The experience reshaped her entire career and the family's decision making with their two children. She became a Flight Control Officer after transferring to Command and both Elizabeth and Ashley were moved back to Earth to stay with her parents.

In 2381 one year after her efforts on the bridge and after becoming a level six pilot she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. That same year her husband was transferred to the USS Timber, a short range science vessel. It was difficult being away from her children and her husband and she almost resigned her commission. Her father talked her out of resigning telling her to stick with it and everything would work out just fine.

In 2384 the Chief Flight Control Officer transferred off the ship and the Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and transferred to fill the Chief Flight Control Officer position. He recommended her for the deputy department head position and one year afterwards she was promoted to Lieutenant. In 2386 she was moved to fill the Chief Flight Control Officer's position when the former left.

In 2389 she was reassigned to the USS Onnar as the Chief Flight Control Officer on board the vessel. And, found out that year they were going on a long range science mission. Not wanting to be away from her daughters or husband for numerous years her husband and her agreed to moving to the ship with their daughters. And, the ship was in need of an Assistant Chief Science Officer so he requested it and received it.
Service Record 2374 – 2378: Starfleet Academy, Astrophysics
2378 – 2380: USS Kelborn; Ensign; Astrophysics Officer
2380 – 2381: USS Kelborn; Ensign; Flight Control Officer
2381 – 2384: USS Kelborn; Lieutenant Junior Grade; Flight Control Officer
2384 – 2385: USS Kelborn; Lieutenant Junior Grade; Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
2385 – 2386: USS Kelborn; Lieutenant; Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
2386 – 2389: USS Kelborn; Lieutenant; Chief Flight Control Officer
2389 – 2389: USS Onnar; Lieutenant Commander; Chief Flight Control Officer
2389 - Present: Ivaldi III Detachment; Lieutenant Commander; Executive Officer

Immediate Family

Significant Other Manuel
Children Elizabeth (F/13), Ashley (F/10

Extended Family

Father Hayden
Mother Arielle
Siblings Jacob

Relationship Details

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