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Lieutenant Commander Sinjohl Tagorn

Name Sinjohl Tagorn

Position Chief Logistics Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 255 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tagorn spent seven years of his life under the rule of the Cardassians and thus at first disliked them, but as time went on he developed a better opinion of them. He is a dedicated officer and highly creative as an engineer. Someday he would like to transfer out of engineering into the command division in order to become the Captain of his own ship. Tagorn enjoys talking to his sisters Fekal and Aki on a regular basis and even spends his leave time on Bajor with them. He is also very protective of both of his younger sisters.

Personal History Tagorn was born in 2362 and, was seven years old when the Cardassian Union officially withdrew from the Bajoran system. He was one of the lucky few who's entire family survived the occupation and lived in the Eastern Province for his entire childhood. His father Rhobe was part of the Bajoran underground serving as a courier and later became a member of the Bajoran Militia. When Tagorn was eleven years old the Dominion War broke out and ended when he was a young teenager.

At first he had desired joining the Bajoran Engineering Corps until an opportunity to join Starfleet presented itself on a nearby world. He took the entrance exam and was the only person selected for that year from the planet where he took his examination. In 2380 Tagorn left Bajor for Starfleet Academy to study engineering diagnostic techniques. In 2384 he graduated and was officially commissioned at the rank of Ensign.

Tagorn's first duty assignment was on board the USS Pacific as the ship's Diagnostics Engineering Officer. The Pacific was sent on a long range science mission for the first two years of his service on the ship. When the warp core failed towards the end of 2385 Tagorn was able to determine that there was a cloaked dampening field preventing them from departing. He successfully located it and disabled the field so that the ship could leave. Afterwards in 2386 Tagorn was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

The Pacific returned to Federation space and underwent her usual repair schedule before departing on a survey mission. During the survey he analyzed a group of cryo-chambers that some engineers discovered, but could not activate. After much research he was able to activate all, but four of the twelve chambers. In 2389 was reassigned as the Assistant Chief Operations Officer on board the USS Onnar. A position he did not relish, but had determined that he would make the best of the move.
Service Record 2380 – 2384 :: Starfleet Academy, Engineering
2384 – 2386 :: USS Pacific, Ensign, Diagnostics Engineer
2386 – 2389 :: USS Pacific, Lieutenant JG, Diagnostics Engineer
2389 – 2389 :: USS Onnar, Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief Operations Officer
2389 - 2389 :: USS Onnar, Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Operations Officer
2389 - 2389 :: Ivaldi III Detachment, Lieutenant, Chief Operations Officer

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Rhobe
Mother Elra
Siblings Fekal, Aki

Relationship Details

Duty Information