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Lieutenant Mia Grayson

Name Mia Grayson

Position Division Chief, Fabrications

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mia is a fiery individual with a fierce personality to match. She is a brilliant mathematician though took more of an interest in working with security. Mia loves her husband whom she literally grew up with in her early years. And, while both of her twins were a surprise that she struggled with she loves them both dearly and tries to love them equally. She dreams of one day transferring into the command division and gaining a starship command of her own.

Personal History Mia Walsh is the youngest of two children and was born in 2363 in the city of Dublin on Earth. Her house was right next door to the Grayson house and actually met Noah when they were both only two years old. They practically grew up together having lived their entire lives right next door to each other. When she was sixteen years old she began dating Noah all while preparing for the Starfleet entry examination.

At the age of eighteen she got married to Noah after dating for two years and just before leaving for Starfleet Academy as a mathematics student. During her sophomore year she spent time on Starbase 419 and found an interest in security. Shortly after getting to the station she became pregnant with a baby though she was unaware for a couple months. Later it was discovered, after they had chosen Owen for the child, that she was actually pregnant with twins.

In 2383 she gave birth to Owen and Olivia after returning to Starfleet Academy. The last two years of her time at the Academy were a struggle for the young mother and her young husband. Mia barely made it through and graduated in 2385 before being assigned as a Security Officer on board Starbase 419 having opted to return. Her husband was also assigned to the same station and brought their twin children with them.

In 2389 she transferred to the USS Onnar as the deputy chief of security on board the starship because she was ready for a change in pace. The family applied for an assignment for Noah as well so that they wouldn't have to divide the family. And, Noah was accepted as one of the astrophysics officers on board. She boarded the starship just before it left the Xavier Fleet Yards as it was the closest to the station where they were living.
Service Record Cadet, 2381-2385, Mathematics Student, Starfleet Academy
Ensign, 2385-2389, Security Officer, Starbase 419
Lieutenant JG, 2389-2389, Assistant Chief Security Officer, USS Onnar
Lieutenant JG, 2389-Present, Assistant Chief Operations Officer, Ivaldi III Detachment

Immediate Family

Significant Other Noah
Children Olivia (F/6), Owen (M/6)

Extended Family

Father Josiah
Mother Edith
Siblings Katie

Relationship Details

Duty Information