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Lieutenant R'Toren

Name R'Toren

Position Division Chief, Repair

Second Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 283 lbs
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Yellow

Personality & Traits

General Overview R'Toren is a very bright and outspoken engineering officer who practically is the life of the party. He enjoys social gatherings which makes him a little different than most engineers in Starfleet. He has a big imagination, big heart, and is very loyal to his friends, family, and homeworld. He hopes to one day be running the Starfleet Corps of Engineers back on Earth, but for now has accepted his role. R'Toren enjoys designing new starships even if they never see past his drawings.

Personal History R'Toren was born in the year 2361 on the Caitian homeworld to S'Lara and T'Veran being their only child because S'Lara was unable to have anymore children afterwards. He often found himself looking towards the stars desiring to be one of the few of his kind to leave the planet and join Starfleet. After several long discussions with his parents they accepted his decision. He took the entrance examination in 2378 and was officially admitted in 2379.

After taking four years on the engineering track he was assigned to the USS Mercedes to serve as an engineering officer a the rank of Ensign. After only one year of service to the ship he was selected for promotion to the rank of junior Lieutenant. R'Toren remained aboard as an engineering officer all the way until 2388 when the Deputy Chief Engineer departed following a promotion.

R'Toren became the new Assistant Chief Engineering Officer after the Chief Engineer had selected him to fill the role temporarily. Unable to find a suitable replacement and given R'Toren's abilities as an engineer made him an ideal choice anyway. However, the years aboard starship for the Caitian officer had steadily taken its toll on him. The Mercedes was mainly a courier ship and so was constantly going between bases and planets ferrying various dignitaries and supplies.

He had interest in eventually working directly for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers on Earth, but his request for transfer was denied. Then in 2389 he was given the opportunity to apply for the position as deputy chief engineering officer aboard Vidal Fleet Yards. It wasn't Earth, but at the very least it was on a starbase and it was still a detachment of the Corps of Engineers for Starfleet. That same year he was officially accepted for the position and transferred from the Mercedes.
Service Record 2379-2383: Starfleet Academy, Engineering
2383-2384: USS Mercedes, Engineering Officer, ENS
2384-2388: USS Mercedes, Engineering Officer, LTJG
2388-2389: USS Mercedes, Asst. Chief Engineering Officer, LTJG
2389-Present: Vidal Fleet Yards, Asst. Chief Engineering Officer, LT

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father T'Varen
Mother S'Lara

Relationship Details

Duty Information