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Howard Morgan

Name Howard Dean Morgan [Izar]

Position CEO Zeno Mining Corp

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 58

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 205 lbs
Hair Color Brunette (Graying)
Eye Color Green

Personality & Traits

General Overview Howard is highly intelligent and has a great deal of business sense which was given to him in no small part by his parents. His decision to consolidate the company did not come easily for him because of how spread out the company really was. But, the opportunities granted by the new system and the vast amount of mining space granted meant that he could consolidate the company into one place and focus all of his efforts there.

Personal History Howard Dean Morgan was born in 2333 as the only child of Rupert and Jeanette Morgan, who as a family own and operate Zeno Corporation. In fact it was Howard's father who stood up the company prior to Howard's birth. Growing up Howard's father was never really around as he was always busy trying to find new places for the mining corporation to strike it rich.

When Howard was old enough he did start to work within his father's company starting out as a mine boss before being elevated to the board to help run things with his father. Howard did eventually inherit the company, but that wasn't until he had been on the board for twenty two years. Following his father's retirement Howard began to run the company and he never really did decide to marry.

He didn't want to raise children in the environment where he grew up and, running an interstellar corporation didn't give him much time for anything else. In 2386 his father passed away which brought Howard face to face with his own mortality though he still didn't put much stock into getting married. One year later his mother passed away leaving Howard alone to run the company.

In 2389 nearly one hundred years had passed since the mining corporation had come into being and Howard was looking to the stars. He knew how much the company was worth, but desired to consolidate it to make things easier. So that year he opted to look elsewhere to put the company headquarters.

After much searching Howard came across the opportunities presented by the Ivaldi system and the wealth that was there. He then departed from Earth taking his company board along with him after a successful vote to negotiate the move had concluded. That year he arrived at Vidal Fleet Yards in order to negotiate with Starfleet and move the company completely to the station.

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Rupert (Deceased)
Mother Jeanette (Deceased)

Relationship Details

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