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Name T'Vral [Moneaux]

Position Family Member

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 14

Physical Appearance

Height 5'
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

Personal History On January 12, 2377, T’Vral was born to P’Vian and Traviik as their only child. At the time of her birth her father was serving in Starfleet and her mother was a diplomat working for the Federation. Much of her early childhood was spent on Vulcan with her grandparents while her father was assigned to the USS Archway. At the time, her mother was also on diplomatic missions across the Klingon Empire spending a great deal of time on Qo’noS.

It wasn’t until T’Vral would turn eight years old that her mother and father would both return to Vulcan where both took up new assignments. T’Vral had barely known anything about her parents but was pleased that both were now back in her life. A year later and her grandparents had both passed away which devastated the young girl. Unlike other Vulcan children, who had learned to control their emotions, this was something that T’Vral struggled with.

When T’Vral was eleven years old she began attending an advanced Vulcan training school in order to get such things under control. Despite her parents’ best efforts and the efforts of the many teachers and mentors T’Vral would continue to struggle with this. Rather than controlling her emotions like all Vulcan’s did, however, T’Vral began to simply hide them away. And, when she was thirteen her father was reassigned away from Vulcan to be posted on board Vidal Fleet Yards.

T’Vral was thankful to finally be leaving the Vulcan homeworld behind because she never truly felt welcome there in the first place. Her father had been granted permission to take both her mother and her along with him. For T’Vral this was a big deal, and she was looking forward to the chance to finally escape the planet. The first place the family would end up was on Earth where they would board the USS Ganges and from there T’Vral and her family were taken to Vidal Fleet Yards.

T’Vral had been interested in joining Starfleet but had always been told that she wouldn’t fit in and now she was ready to prove them wrong. Within the first week of being aboard T’Vral began to struggle once more with keeping her emotions in check. More than anything T’Vral was becoming annoyed by her parents and their insistence that she behave more like a Vulcan. T’Vral spent less and less time in her family quarters and more and more time in the arboretum where she felt like she could be herself.

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Traviik
Mother P'Vian

Relationship Details

Duty Information