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Sam Bancroft

Name Sam Reynold Bancroft [Izar]

Position Freighter Arcadia Captain/Owner

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 258 lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sam Bancroft is a down to earth individual; however, he still has a very competitive nature to him. By now his brother has advanced to the rank of Commander and is the Executive Officer of the Starfleet vessel that he’s part of. Sam is quite proud of where he is at, however, has also grown quite fond of his brother. Their relationship has greatly improved over the years as they’ve spent so much time apart from each other.

Sam’s opinion of Allyson’s previous husband isn’t that great; however, he is thankful for the two children that he now gets to raise as his own. The decision to move the family to the Ivaldi system, in his opinion, was one of the better ideas they had. Sam would like to eventually own more freighters and potentially find someone else to captain the Arcadia so that he can remain home more frequently.

Personal History Sam Bancroft was born in the year 2348 in Paris, France where his family lived at the time. His eldest brother Orson was born four years prior to himself. At first, while growing up, Sam had dreamed of joining Starfleet. However, he was competitive with his older brother and so when Orson decided to go into Starfleet, he had changed his mind.

By the time Sam had turned fourteen, and his brother had left for Starfleet, he had started looking at other careers that would be suitable for him. Over the next four years he had chosen to go to M.I.T. to study quantum mechanics and warp theory. After six years, Sam had graduated from there with his Master’s in Engineering. From there he left to be an engineer on his first long haul freighter.

In 2374 during the Dominion War the freighter Sam was on ended up being destroyed when the convoy it was part of was attacked. He spent six months in the medical ward back on Earth before returning to duties on a new freighter with the same crew. The Freighter Arcadia was to be his new home.

After a great deal of saving and working his way into the good graces of the owner and Captain of the Arcadia Sam was able to purchase the ship. At roughly the same time he’d married Allyson and had adopted both of her children as his own. They ended up with a home on Terra Nova, however, he was rarely home.

By 2389 his freighter operations had moved from Terra Nova to the Ivaldi system where he would be able to be home more frequently. So, the family had moved there, and Freighter Arcadia began operating out of that area. He also began working indirectly for Tiutchev, unaware that she was running less than reputable operations alongside her business interests in the system.

Immediate Family

Significant Other Allyson
Children Todd Bancroft [M/14], Bianca Bancroft [F/12]

Extended Family

Father Quinn
Mother Evelyn
Siblings Orson

Relationship Details

Duty Information