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Senior Chief Petty Officer Geth Magand

Name Geth Magand [G. MacIntyre]

Position Quartermaster

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Tellarite
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 3'6"
Weight 100 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black

Personality & Traits

General Overview Geth is a very impatient individual who has, over time, tried his hardest to gain some of that patience that is required in his duties. He has seen good friends die in combat operations and at one time even considered leaving Starfleet. Geth has worked quite hard to get where he’s at and has began to attend classes again. He has no intentions on becoming fully commissioned, however, the idea isn’t entirely out of the question for him either.

Personal History Geth was born in 2352 on Tellar Prime to Glam and Pak Magand as their only child, the couple struggled to have one child due to fertility issues. They did not have further children and so Geth grew up without any siblings. When he was twelve years old the family moved from Tellar Prime to Earth due to his father’s job as a diplomat.

When Geth was old enough he enlisted into Starfleet despite his parents’ wishes that he become an officer instead. A lot of that decision was due to impatience and not wishing to attend classes for four years. He was assigned to the USS Syria as a Crewman Apprentice in the year 2371 and spent the next several years there.

In 2374 the USS Syria and Frankfurt were both conducting patrols along the Federation and Romulan border when they were ambushed by the Dominion who had crossed into Federation territory. The Syria was destroyed, but the Frankfurt managed to escape the attack. Several of the surviving crew from the Syria were able to be rescued by the Frankfurt including Geth.

He was officially transferred to the Frankfurt and would remain there for the duration of the Dominion War. Geth would also be promoted to Petty Officer Third Class and eventually to Petty Officer Second Class during that time. He also remained one of the Engineering Non-Commissioned Officers all the way until he was a First Class Petty Officer.

In 2384 Geth was again promoted, this time to Chief Petty Officer, and made one of the Transporter Chiefs aboard the USS Axia where he’d transferred three months earlier. And, would remain aboard the new starship for six years. It wasn’t until 2390 that he transferred to Vidal Fleet Yards.

Upon his transfer from the starship to the station he was given the position of Sector Quartermaster and elevated in rank. Geth was now a Senior Chief Petty Officer and ready to continue his career in Starfleet. After so many years his family had also finally accepted that he was enjoying being a non-commissioned officer and had gotten off his case about it.
Service Record 2370: Enlisted Starfleet Academy & Engineering Technical School
2371: Crewman Apprentice, Engineering Specialist, USS Syria
2371: Crewman, Engineering Specialist, USS Syria
2373: Petty Officer Third Class, Engineering NCO, USS Syria
2374: Petty Officer Third Class, Engineering NCO, USS Frankfurt
2375: Petty Officer Second Class, Engineering NCO, USS Frankfurt
2379: Petty Officer First Class, Engineering NCO, USS Frankfurt
2384: Chief Petty Officer, Transporter Chief, USS Axia
2390: Senior Chief Petty Officer, Sector Quartermaster, Vidal Fleet Yards

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Pak
Mother Glam

Relationship Details

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