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Lieutenant Commander Avery Preston

Name Avery Matthew Preston [Sinjohl]

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'8"
Weight 245 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Avery Preston is a very career driven individual who believes in putting the security and well-being of the Federation first. He is the literal definition of a patriot, unaware of just how much a singular event in his childhood had changed his outlook on life. He remains in constant contact with his family including his baby sister whom he is very protective of. Avery has long sought to protect the interests of the Federation, the place where he’s assigned, his family, and his friends.

Personal History Avery is the first-born child of Tessa and Micah Preston; he was born in the year 2355 six years before his sister Fae was born. When Avery was just six years old, the freighter that his father operated was attacked by pirates along the Romulan Neutral Zone. This set a precedent for him at a young age.

Avery grew up believing in a strong defense for those who could not defend themselves and so began looking at different career options that related to security when he was thirteen years old. Soon, he’d settled on a career in Starfleet and so at the age of sixteen Avery had begun the process of going to the Academy.

He was accepted in 2373 just after the Dominion War had started and spent much of his Sophomore year helping on the front lines. That was the first real taste of combat operations that Avery had. He returned for his junior year and concluded his time at the Academy in 2377 before being assigned to the USS Bonhomme Richard. His first assignment was as a security officer and he got along well with the crew.

After his first year on the ship he was excelling quite well as a young officer and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. He passed up a transfer two years later and remained aboard the ship. The following year he was again promoted, this time to the rank of Lieutenant and given a new position aboard the ship.

Avery Preston had become the new Deputy Department Head for security aboard the starship Bonhomme Richard. He would hold that position for the next four years before his Department Chief departed from the ship. Avery then became the new Chief Security and Tactical Officer aboard. And, again Avery stayed aboard for another five years in that position until he’d had his fill of being on a ship.

In 2390 after serving all of his time aboard a ship Avery wanted to be assigned elsewhere and began looking for a new place to continue his service. That was when he noticed that they were in need of a Chief of Security on the planet where a new Fleet Yard had recently been put into operation. So, Avery transferred to Vidal Fleet Yards as the new Chief of Planetary Security and with it was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.
Service Record 2373-2377: Starfleet Academy
2377-2378: USS Bonhomme Richard, Security Officer, Ensign
2378-2381: USS Bonhomme Richard, Security Officer, Lieutenant JG
2381-2385: USS Bonhomme Richard, Asst. Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant
2385-2390: USS Bonhomme Richard, Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant
2390-Present: Vidal Fleet Yards, Chief Planetary Security Officer, Lieutenant Commander

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Micah
Mother Tessa
Siblings Fae

Relationship Details

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