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Captain Iazil Naadel

Name Iazil Naadel [Engstrom]

Position Commanding Officer, USS Thebes

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill(unjoined)
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 155 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Iazil Naadel struggled early in life with the relationship she had with her family especially after learning that she would not be given the chance to run the company. It wasn't until after the Dominion War that she regained that relationship and, then she was dealing with the trauma of being tortured as a prisoner. The Dominion War gave Iazil many rough edges and scars that she still deals with from time to time all the way until the present.

As an engineer she showed great promise and, is very creative when it comes to finding a solution to the problem. That made her an ideal diagnostics engineer and unlike most in the field she is very talkative. For a time Iazil lost that part of her personality and is only just now regaining her ability to socialize with others. She is looking forward to the new adventure ahead of her and ready to leave behind the Bishop which has seen her through her best and her worst.

Personal History Iazil Naadel was born in 2349 as the youngest child and only daughter for Kilad and Yauren Naadel on Trill. Unlike most Trill Iazil did not dream of becoming joined to a symbiont instead she dreamed of inheriting the family business a vast freighter company. However, when she was sixteen years old she discovered that her father had other plans and instead gave the company over to her older brothers Amir and Hidel.

Two years later in 2367 she would apply and be accepted into Starfleet Academy which had not registered on her radar as far as lifelong plans. But, Iazil needed to get away from Trill and her parents, whom she was quite upset with. She ended up settling on Physics after the first year at the Academy in which she was undecided.

She graduated from the Academy in 2371 and was posted aboard the USS Bishop as an engineering officer. Iazil also began working on her Masters that year as she steadily discovered her creative nature later becoming the Diagnostics Engineer and her promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade which came in 2373 just before the Dominion War. Iazil remained the Diagnostics Engineer throughout the war until just before the end when she was captured by Dominion Forces.

Iazil was tortured and nearly killed before the end of the war and, would spend the better part of three months recovering at Starfleet Medical when she, along with many others, were returned to the Federation following the treaty. It was during this time that she regained contact with her family and, has remained in contact with them ever since. Naadel's return saw to her becoming the Assistant Chief Engineering Officer just before the end of the year.

Iazil was the Assistant Chief Engineering Officer for three years during which time she continued to struggle with her experiences in the prison camp. She even considered resigning her commission as she steadily began to hit rock bottom. It was in the beginning of 2378 that she returned to Starfleet Medical in the hopes of getting better. She would spend six months there undergoing treatment eventually managing to pull out of her depression. At the end of the year she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and made the new Chief Engineering Officer when the previous one departed the ship.

From then on Iazil seemed to soar to new heights in her position as the Chief Engineering Officer. The wounds of the Dominion War had soon become a distant memory as she proved herself a more capable officer. She even saved the ship from a catastrophic systems failure, one that was never fully explained, in 2384. One year later she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander for her efforts and, started to become interested in transferring to the command department.

In 2389 after serving aboard the USS Bishop for most of her career, minus the imprisonment and time at Starfleet Medical, Iazil Naadel noticed an opening for Executive Officer aboard the newly completed Vidal Fleet Yards. Her request for transfer was officially granted and she traded in her yellow uniform for command red becoming the station's first Executive Officer.

About six months after being made the Executive Officer of Vidal Fleet Yards, Lieutenant Commander Iazil Naadel was promoted to the rank of Commander thanks to her service. In 2390 while in command of the station they were affected by a sentient program resulting in dinosaurs being made across the station as holograms. She helped find a solution to the problem and remained somewhat calm under pressure. Commander Naadel's actions resulted in her receiving several awards and commendations.
Service Record 2367-2371: Starfleet Academy, Physics
2371-2373: USS Bishop, Engineering Officer, ENS
2373-2375: USS Bishop, Diagnostics Officer, LTJG
2375-2378: USS Bishop, Asst. Chief Engineering Officer, LTJG
2378-2385: USS Bishop, Chief Engineering Officer, LT
2385-2389: USS Bishop, Chief Engineering Officer, LCDR
2389-2389: Vidal Fleet Yards, Executive Officer, LCDR
2389-Present: Vidal Fleet Yards, Executive Officer, CDR

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Kilad
Mother Yauren
Siblings Amir, Hidel

Relationship Details

Duty Information