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Simm Changes

Posted on Tue Aug 24th, 2021 by Captain Neela Izal


The last couple weeks have brought a series of changes to the simm so as a command team we opted to wait until the changes happened before making a formal announcement. Firstly, an alteration to the simm rules has taken place which removes the two notations regarding harassment. The command team is looking at condensing the rules for the simm, however, that has not taken place just yet. Among the changes have also been a new skin which is now active and ready for use and the rank images have been changed.

There were also discussions among some of the players and myself regarding their characters. The command structure has also changed in alignment with these changes. The predominant reasoning behind the character changes was because some people wanted something fresh. And, as a command team we decided that it was time to rotate some members out for some fresh perspective and the allow some players a chance to change their characters to something more appealing for them:

- Commander Iazil Naadel is now playing her Governor character Jade Engstrom
- Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca is now the Executive Officer
- Commander Chelsea McDanielson is now playing Lieutenant JG Celeste Moneaux, the character has been made the R&D Coordinator
- Lieutenant Commander Manuel de Planca has been promoted to Director of Sciences
- Commander Yvanka Dravex is now playing Lieutenant JG Elle Hayashi the Chief of Physical Sciences
- Commander Jeffery Washington is now playing Lieutenant Sorben ch'Theseski and that character has been made the Chief of Planetary Security
- Lieutenant Commander Kelsi Dawson is now the Director of Engineering
- Lieutenant Mia Grayson has been promoted to Chief Engineering Officer [Fabrication]
- Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin has been promoted to Second Officer
- Lieutenant Commander Novra Bostru has been promoted to Director of Security
- Lieutenant Pobrin Izar switched to Ensign Kendrick Belmont MD
- Lieutenant Commander Kara Stevenson has been made Chief Counselor for the Counseling Department

The new Command Team is as follows:
Captain Neela Izal
Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca
Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin
Lieutenant Commander Kelsi Dawson
Commander Stephen O'Malley

A lot of character swaps and moves had to be made in order to make this possible. I would like to personally thank everyone who was involved in moving characters around. I would also like to thank the previous members of the Command Team for the hard work and dedication they've put into this simm over the past two and a half, almost three, years.


Command Team


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