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What's A Planet To Do? - Simm Update

Posted on Wed Feb 17th, 2021 by Captain Neela Izal


I am proud to announce that Season 2 has come to an official close and thus has begun Episode 13. This is the beginning of Season 3 and there is a lot in store for this upcoming season. Also take note of some other changes as discussed to you all by the Command Team a few days ago. The Commanding Officer for the simm is now the Commanding Officer for Task Force 37 in Pegasus Fleet and so we have moved the simm to Task Force 37.

This brings with it the following two important items:

- The planet Ivaldi III is now called Ivaldia and has moved to the Vulara System in the Delta Quadrant.
- The simm is now set in 2394 following a temporal anomaly.

As always please enjoy what is in store for Season 3 and for Episode 13 which is now live. Any posts that may have been pending are now moved to the new episode so please make changes accordingly. And, as always keep up the excellent work.


Command Team


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