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End of The Year Updates

Posted on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 by Captain Neela Izal


With the start of the year 2021 we are now officially putting 2020 behind us. December was a bit of a slow month, but I'm happy to see the slight rebound so far this month. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday period and are ready for this new year.

Last year we saw our second year anniversary on the 29th of November and the joining of a new fleet prior to that. In November the simm was awarded the Bronze Simm of the Month and the month before that awarded Task Force D74 Simm of the Month.

The wiki is a bit outdated, but the command team and I are hard at work figuring out what updates are necessary. Season 3 is nearly planned out which brings me to my next point. Episode 11 is now officially completed so pat yourselves on the back. The end of the fun episode means that we will beginning a more serious story so please brace yourselves.

The Command Team has put a lot of thought into this episode and have approached some of you about potential ways to add additional twists and turns into it. This is also the final episode for the second season and the end of the 6 Shard Arc.

I am happy to announce that Episode 12 - When The Bough Breaks has finally begun!

I would like to finish this update with one thing of note:

It is my express pleasure to award the Player of the Year Award to not one, but two players on the simm:

S'Toriin who plays Ashley de Planca - We have watched the player behind S'Toriin develop his child character over the past few months. This character has been through a lot and we have seen many twists and turns with her. He has done a great job of writing this character, but also his other characters as well.


Jami Bostru - The player behind Jami Bostru joined us on the USS Onnar just under three years ago. We have watched her grow as a writer and she continues to grow and develop. It is the express pleasure of the Command Team to award her this. She has stuck it out and continues to improve her writing skills. At her age she has already proven herself to have quite a talent and we cannot wait to see more from her this year.


Command Team


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