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"Almost" 2 Year Anniversary

Posted on Fri Nov 27th, 2020 by Captain Neela Izal


In just under 2 days this simm will officially be 2 years old. I have wanted to say something profound, but find myself unable to think of anything. I, as a GM, have been reflecting a lot over the last fifteen years since I started writing Star Trek characters. I've thought about how many crazy ideas I've had over the years since my humble beginnings in Gemini Fleet.

Over four years ago when I left the Star Trek simming community I never imagined that I would return. I certainly never imagined that I would sit down one day and quietly say to myself, "Hey I have an idea..." Then see where that idea was two years later.

Vidal Fleet Yards over two years ago started out as this wild idea that I, Captain Wesley Holtz at the time, could run an engineering simm. It was going to be a Fleet Yard and therefore the stories it told would focus around that. I hate to admit that this adventure failed tremendously didn't it?

Two years later and Vidal Fleet Yards, as a simm, is still going quite strong. This simm no longer is simply engineering stories, however, it has grown into something far bigger than that. Last year it was decided that the USS Onnar and Vidal Fleet Yards would be combined into one simm with one vision:

"Write stories based around the characters, not characters based around the stories."

The Command Team and I have truly been impressed with where this simm has gone over the last two years. We are happy to be writing with each and every one of you. We've watched your characters grow, and you all grow as writers. I'm not sure that even the most profound thing could ever express my gratitude to all of you.

So, now as Captain Neela Izal, Commanding Officer (Your GM) I am happy to continue running this simm. Here we sit on the eleventh episode, over 400 written posts, and Season 2 coming to a close in the near future. This milestone has surpassed my wildest dreams...

And, it all started with an idea!

Thank you all and congratulations for reaching this milestone together. May Vidal Fleet Yards continue to grow as a simm.


Captain Neela Izal


Vidal Fleet Yards Command Team


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