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Episode 11 - The "Fun" Episode

Posted on Fri Nov 20th, 2020 by Captain Neela Izal


As promised Episode 11 has begun. I would also like to congratulate all of you for making it this far. Vidal Fleet Yards has had it's ups and it's downs, but throughout all of it you've stuck it out. We are fast approaching our 2 year anniversary and starting our eleventh episode. So give yourselves a pat on the back and feel proud of the fact that despite my attempts to break you, you're still here.

Alas, Episode 11 is going to be a bit of a cool down episode and a break from crazy drama. There will be some moments that may be a bit hard, but the Command Team decided that given what is to come we wanted to give the crew a bit of a break to close out the rest of 2020. There really won't be any episode notes with this one and many of the subplots from the last two episodes have been closed out.

Please continue to have fun as we wind down the last month and a half of the year. Season 2's finale is fast approaching and being worked on in the background we intend on also using the time given by writing this episode to start the initial stages of planning out Season 3. It'll be the next stage in the Ortani arc that we've been steadily writing out. Keep up the great work, I am proud of all of you!


Command Team


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