Vidal Fleet Yards Headquarters (SB-812) is a Spacedock Class space station in orbit of Ivaldi Three. The Ivaldi System is home to one of the largest fleet yards for all of the United Federation of Planets. Here, Starfleet personnel are responsible for the construction, refit, and repair of Starfleet vessels. The year is 2391 and the crew of Vidal Fleet Yards is now known for helping uncover one of the biggest plots for control over the United Federation of Planets in known history. The Scourge of the Talon has finally fallen and what’s more, the Celestian Empire appears to have fallen.

An uptick in starships in distress across the sectors means that the USS Becker (NCC-81996), a Diligent Class starship, is rarely in port back at the station. The mobile platform is seeing a lot more action than in the previous two years since the station was activated in the year 2389. Between computer malfunctions and other mechanical and technical problems across both Starfleet and the civilian fleets, something appears to be happening in the United Federation of Planets that cannot simply be explained away.

On Ivaldi Three, the lone Class M planet in the system, life appears to be completely normal. Governor Jade Engstrom is beginning to feel the pressure of tough opposition to her continued governorship on the planet. The Tiutchev Syndicate is all but quiet as their activities across the planet begin to increase as Starfleet seems engaged in other matters. The Ebon Cabal may be coming apart from the inside as infighting seems to be on the rise as well. Then there are even more subtle matters that nobody has noticed as of yet.

Vidal Fleet Yards is an engineering centric simm with the age rating of 15+ with twenty-six separate writers. The simm has been active since November 2018 and in that time has grown its own rich and deep story. World building and character development are just two of the core values here as the Command Team strives to have a safe and fun gaming environment set in the Star Trek universe. In the almost four years of activity this simm has grown past just being an engineering niche simm. There are elements that cover a wide variety of topics and themes including, but not limited to, politics and science. Please take the time to check us out!

Latest News Items

» Simm Updates

Posted on Sun May 29th, 2022 by Captain Neela Izal in General News


After much discussion among the Command Team we have decided to move forward into Season 4 a little ahead of schedule. Episode 17 was the season finale despite other plans and we are going to be revisiting some plotlines later. Originally the end of the episode was going to include what happens to the Scourge of the Talon, however, we have decided to move all of that into Episode 18 as background information. Officially, with the start of Episode 18 we have also started Season 3. Sadly, this previous Season didn't go according to plan and that's okay. We're going to dust ourselves off and continue to move forward from here. Our two biggest arcs have also officially come to a close and we have big plans in Season 4. More to come soon on that...

With this announcement I am sad to report that we are going to be losing some long time players as they are leaving us due to real life obligations. It was revealed to the Command Team that these players weren't going to be staying with us past Season 3, and were only staying in order to see a few things through with their characters and with the end of the season. I would personally like to thank:

Lieutenant Commander Gredrol son of Osham
Lieutenant Sorben ch'Theseski
Lieutenant Commander Sinjohl Tagorn
Lieutenant Commander Suzanne Fairchild

To each of you thank you for your service and dedication to this simm. The players listed above had already informed the Command Team that they are willing to allow others to write their PNPC's so that they may stay on board the station. This has already been handled as some players have already stepped forward to do this.

The following changes are going to be taking place as well:

Lieutenant Commander Tolam Pizal will be taking over as Chief Logistics Officer
Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin will be taking over as Chief Strategic Ops Officer
Lieutenant Jessica Kingsley will be taking over as Chief Operations Officer

There is a promotion announcement as well:

Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca you are hereby promoted to the rank of full Commander

Finally, I'm pleased with the performance of everyone on this simm. We continue to strive even three years later and a number of changes that have come along with that. You're all doing an amazing job and this simm couldn't exist without each and every one of you. The command team is proud of you as am I.


Command Team

» New Episode

Posted on Thu Apr 14th, 2022 by Captain Neela Izal in General News


Episode 16 has concluded and now we're onto Episode 17. This is the second part of the two part plot arc. You all did wonderfully on our previous episode and I would deem that a huge success!


Command Team

» Simm Update - Mid January Edition

Posted on Fri Jan 14th, 2022 by Captain Neela Izal in Out of Character

Illustrious Crew,

After much discussion among the Command Team and after spending a couple weeks in a cooling off period to adjust to leaving 22nd Fleet, the decision was reached to officially join a fleet. Earlier today Vidal Fleet Yards was officially accepted into Obsidian Fleet. Note the shiny new banner on the main page. The links to their rules have been added so please familiarize yourselves if you haven't already. We are also part of Task Force 29 since we are 6 years behind the fleet timeline (This is perfectly okay).

Since we've moved into a new fleet the age rating will change slightly and we will become a 15+ simm instead of a 16+ simm. Updates will follow in the coming days as things are brought about to better align with our fleet membership. Please consider joining their discord if you would like to do so. In other news, the new episode is chugging along rather nicely. If you have any questions on that front don't hesitate to ask one of us on the Command Team.


Command Team

» End of The Year Report

Posted on Fri Dec 31st, 2021 by Captain Neela Izal in General News


The end of 2021 is officially upon us. This year our simm has seen its ups and its downs. A number of changes have happened throughout the year in order to help improve the quality of the simm as we approached our third consecutive year of operation. Players changed characters and we made changes to our rules in order to better align with different thoughts and ideas. We were in the Delta Quadrant and then we were not.

We left one fleet to rejoin 22nd Fleet and as of today I am officially announcing that we have quietly returned to Independent status as of a few days earlier. There is no animosity or harsh feelings and the Command Team will not state why we have returned to being independent, however, we feel that for the time being this is our best option.

I hope everyone has a better 2022 than what we've experienced through 2021. On Sunday January 2nd we will be officially returning to normal posting unless previous arrangements were already made. We've also officially made the jump into 2391 as the simming year. The command team has already made great strides in coming up with new content that's coming up. Episode 16 is the start of a 2 part finale to our longest running story arc. And we're diligently working on a finale for another long running story arc.

The command team is aware that the cornerstone of our simming community is going to be slowly going away. We boast one of the largest populations of writing characters that are teenagers and children. As we progress through the years those characters develop into young adults so the command team want to announce one of the biggest new parts of the simm that will be coming in the near future:

Starfleet Academy Campus
Ivaldi University

These two higher learning opportunities will be added into the parts of the simm that we've already had. This was part of why the command team decided to condense things down into one space station so that our focus could be more on the planet and the station. We are also keenly aware of the enjoyment that many players get in writing their younger characters and so we will be expanding that opportunity in the new year.

As for the status of the simm... The command team has deemed that the simm is pretty healthy as we continue to move forward. There were some bumps, but we've moved past those. I hope everyone is ready for 2022 as we continue to push forward through Season 3 and beyond.


Command Team

» Season 3, Episode 4

Posted on Thu Dec 23rd, 2021 by Captain Neela Izal in General News


Episode 16 (Season 3, Episode 4) has started officially as of today. The shoreleave will remain in effect until the start of the year as will the relaxed posting. Episode 15 turned out quite well and I'm proud of the time and energy put into it despite it being a character development episode with no real plot to it. The simm year is also changing to 2391. Back in November (Missed it due to real life) the simm turned 3 years old so congratulations! Finally, I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season and I'll see you when we come out of this break period.



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Mission: Episode 18 - Half A Life
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Mission: Episode 18 - Half A Life
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From the moment that Sohna Vem had left the girl’s dormitory she’d been awestruck by the sheer beauty of the city where they were at. The Drezenian people were artists and sculptures there was no doubt about that to the Trill teenager. She still didn’t quite trust them as they…

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Mission: Episode 18 - Half A Life
Posted on Mon Jul 4th, 2022 by Captain Neela Izal & Commander Jordyn de Planca

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