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Vidal Fleet Yards
Class Information
Assigned System:

Ivaldi System


Spacedock Class


Captain Neeal Izal



Unique Features


Vidal Fleet Yards is a fleet yard located in the Ivaldi System. It was named for Captain Jodrel Vidal who discovered the system in 2383. Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets chose it as the location for a new fleet yard where construction of an Immense Class starbase began in 2385. By 2388 construction had concluded and the fleet yard was activated. The fleet yard is headquartered on Starbase 812 a Spacedock Class station orbiting Ivaldi III. The Immense Class station was destroyed, and for a time so was the planetary system, and rebuilt in 2390.

The Station


The specifications for Vidal Fleet Yards can be found on: Spacedock Class


Vidal Fleet Yards has 68 Danube Class runabouts assigned to it. Some of them are listed below:

  • Runabout London
  • Runabout Shanghai
  • Runabout Tokyo
  • Runabout Dubai
  • Runabout Hong Kong
  • Runabout Dahkur
  • Runabout Tanis
  • Runabout Trilar
  • Runabout Kendra
  • Runabout Undalar

Background Information

In 2383 the USS Eyak had been assigned to explore the region of space surrounding the Ivaldi System including charting any systems that the ship came across. The ship entered the system early that year under the command of Captain Jodrel Vidal and performed a complete survey of all planets in the system. With Ivaldi IV being rich in deuterium and hydrogen, the asteroid field and Ivaldi III rich in dilithium, and the other metals and minerals Starfleet Command decided it was worth further study. By 2385 Starfleet had approved colonization efforts in the system and the construction of a new Fleet Yard. After four years the station was completed and placed under the command of Captain Wesley Holtz.

Currently, Vidal Fleet Yards is under the command of Captain Neela Izal and Commander Iazil Naadel. There are over 140,000 people living on Ivaldi III and over 100,000 people living on the station. There are two garrison vessels that operate out of Vidal Fleet Yards in order to perform different tasks for the station when it is necessary to be away from the station. The USS Becker is a Diligent Class starship that operates as a mobile engineering unit for vessels that cannot get back to the station for repairs. The USS Haeva, a Defiant Class starship, used to operate as the station's testbed vessel, however, it was later destroyed. The ship was replaced by the USS Dunkirk, a Sentinel Class starship to be used as both a testbed vessel and a patrol vessel.

Established Facilities

  • Starbase 812, A Spacedock Class station
  • Starbase 813, A Regulus Class station (Known as Cessna Station) in orbit of Ivaldi II (Decommissioned and scrapped 2390)
  • 50 Drydock Slips
  • 3 Mining Facilities
    • 2 Asteroid Mining Facilities
    • 1 Mining Facility in orbit of Ivaldi IV


Vidal Fleet Yards has multiple departments that help with it's functionality and day to day operations. Many of those departments are broken down a bit differently and are ran at a more administrative level than most. Four of the assigned departments are ran by Directors and Deputy Directors and then further broken down into different divisions within those departments.

Directors & Deputy Directors

The Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Medical, Science, and Security departments are each led by a Director and Deputy Director. They are then further broken down into different divisions that conduct specific tasking within that department. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers run their own day to day operation and only report back to the Commanding Officer of the station for specific reports or for specific reasons. The Medical department works entirely out of the Starfleet Medical Center on Ivaldi III and run the clinic operations on both Vidal Fleet Yards and Cessna Station.


Establishment of Vidal Fleet Yards

Construction efforts began in 2385 after the discovery and survey of the Ivaldi System. These efforts drastically increased when the synth attack took out the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yard at Mars. Facility construction efforts began shortly after and concluded prior to the completion of the Immense Class starbase in orbit of Ivaldi III. The only delay was Cessna Station in orbit of Ivaldi II. By 2389 construction efforts had concluded and Captain Wesley Holtz and his family arrived at the station to take up command over the entire station and operation.

Colonization efforts than began in the system with the construction of several different settlements including Javelin City which was slated to become the capital city over the entire planet. Exploration efforts continued regarding the Ivaldian culture as scientific efforts steadily began across the planet to learn more about the war that destroyed the ancient culture. Within the first four days of station life there had already been drama when the USS Becker arrived earlier than expected. The Emergency Medical Hologram had murdered a young crewman and the crew of Vidal Fleet Yards had to investigate the situation further. Engineering Officer Ensign Amélie Moneaux uncovered a plot to kill more people when she found the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer dead before the murderer attempted to kill her as well.

Heart Gem Incident

A Founder from the Gamma Quadrant was located in an Ivaldian Temple along with a ruby red heart gem were discovered by a science team. At the same time the station was also contending with protests led by Doctor Gary Wayne who would vanish without a trace sometime later. Within a few days the USS Onnar had unexpectedly arrived in the system when a Celestian named Azrael forced the ship out of the Vuwei Cluster in the Gamma Quadrant. At the time Wesley Holtz was now a Commodore and was at the Starfleet Installation, which would later be converted to the Starfleet Medical Center in Javelin City.

While trying to respond to protesters the Commodore and several others were injured on the installation when the heart gem unexpectedly exploded causing a massive amount of damage. Things for Vidal Fleet Yards changed literally overnight when Starfleet was forced to retire the Commodore from duties due to the severe medical trauma he'd suffered. Several others chose to resign for various reasons and several positions on the station were immediately filled by the crew of the USS Onnar. Captain Neela Izal accepted a temporary promotion to the rank of Commodore afterwards.

The Onnar crew had to adjust and adapt to life on the station and in the Ivaldi System within a few days of the incident. December 2389 saw a lot of changes for both crews as Wesley Holtz became the new Governor for the Ivaldi III government and his cabinet was filled with former members of the Vidal Fleet Yards crew. Things would steadily return to normal for everyone as the Onnar returned to Earth where she received a new command team to fill in the positions including Captain Ramirez who took command of the ship.

Revenge of The Nightstalker

With things back to normal Governor Wesley Holtz could focus his attention on a Convention in Javelin City that included Klingons, Cardassians, and Ferengi along with several Federation member races. However, things were not picture perfect as during the festivities someone attempted to assassinate the Governor in the Convention Center. At the same time Tra'Pel, a former Maquis survivor from the Dominion Cold War kidnapped five girls from the planet. Rose Cohen, Teagan Hoseki, Kayla Holtz, Jami Bostru, and Elizabeth de Planca were unexpectedly beamed off the planet with only Rose being returned.

The girls were taken back in time while the crew of Vidal Fleet Yards scrambled to try and locate them. Inside of a home that had been built on the moon orbiting Ivaldi IV they were tortured and effectively turned into an assassin team by the Nightstalker for the ten years it took for them to be back in the present time. Nightstalker forces then invaded the Ivaldi System in the hopes of taking the Fleet Yard before turning their attention onto the rest of the Federation.

The USS Janitza, USS Anacreon, USS Agaki and USS Langton all responded to the invasion. Each ship was either heavily damaged or destroyed in the battle along with both the USS Haeva and USS Becker. Vidal Fleet Yards was severely damaged and crashed into the planet below. In the past a team lead by Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca managed to locate the girls and rescue them while also capturing Tra'Pel. With the girls returned to their time prior to the torture having begun the timeline was ultimately restored to normal. Tra'Pel then committed suicide rather than stand trial for her actions and the theft of Top Secret information regarding the Bravian Implant that was placed in her head months earlier.

Visitors From Andromeda

Two months into the year 2390 saw a strange ship that visited Vidal Fleet Yards bringing with it the Adheans from the Andromeda Galaxy. It was the first bit of evidence indicating that galactic travel between the two galaxies was possible. However, Starfleet engineers could not replicate the Stellar Folder technology that the Adheans were using. Ultimately the species had been fleeing invaders into their own system and a malfunction resulted in the ship traveling for years before arriving in the Milky Way Galaxy. The science department were able to locate a new homeworld for them and the Adheans applied for Protectorate status with the Federation.

Other major changes took place for the crew of Vidal Fleet Yards with the implementation of Directors running the various departments and some of the departments begin broken down into varying divisions. The Starfleet Installation under the command of Commander Chelsea McDanielson was converted into a Starfleet Medical Center. More drydocks were requested, the Messier Four project was in full swing with the engines for the ship being constructed for Project Long Jump, and Cessna Station officially became activated.

The Dinosaur Incident

With the USS Haeva away from the station and Captain Neela Izal getting some much needed time on board a starship Vidal Fleet Yards seemed pretty quiet. Things did not remain quiet, however, because a sentient computer program from the USS Saga was uploaded into the computer system for the station following the ship's own expedition in a nearby asteroid field. At about the same time the children from the station and planet were enjoying a field trip to the holosuite involving dinosaurs from Earth.

The computer program hijacked the program and began using the station's holographic systems throughout the station to begin making dinosaurs appear in all sorts of places. Things went from bad to worse as dinosaurs caused massive amounts of damage including a dinosaur getting stuck near the station promenade when it tried to crawl through a corridor. Leah Reade was injured by a dinosaur in a set of abandoned quarters because Arika Washington, Olivia Grayson, and herself did not evacuate with others. Elizabeth de Planca and Adriana O'Malley rescued the girls from the harmful situation. Lieutenant Manuel de Planca was able to locate the problem and the crew were able to solve it by transferring the sentient computer system down to the planet.

Shards of Ortani

The USS Haeva was away from the station when the crew responded to a request for help from the Terra Nova system after a spire and artifact were located by a science team led by Doctor Travis Cunningham. The research facility had been locked down and a team led Commander Jeffery Washington and Lieutenant Leyla Aiman-Tamar were sent to investigate. The Shard of Time was found and that began to negatively impact the away team ultimately before security systems were activated and rendered the team unconscious. A secondary team led by Commander Yvanka Dravex rescued them and both objects were recovered before being brought back to the station for further analysis.

A second artifact, the Shard of Cosmos, was located when Leah Reade fell into an ancient temple underground. Teams led by Lieutenant Commander Ellowyn Delaney M.D. and Lieutenant Leyla Aiman-Tamar rescued the girl from the temple. Another team led by Commander Jeffery Washington rescued Arika Washington and Olivia Grayson from the surface where Arika had called for help. The shard temporarily took control over Leah Reade and began to spread out throughout the station. This resulted in the evacuation of the station for the second time in just over a month before Elizabeth de Planca rescued her. The Shard of Cosmos was placed into the same security field as the Shard of Time while both were being studied by the science team. Information on the spires indicate that the creators were an extinct species known as the Ortani.

The third artifact, the Shard of Fire, was discovered by the USS Avalon NCC-186 and both appeared in the system during the early summer of 2390. The fourth artifact, the Shard of Ice, was also on board the USS Avalon. The combined artifacts and various other means pushed the Avalon through time and space until the derelict vessel appeared in the Ivaldi System. Both were cataloged and added to the same secured facility on the station as the first two artifacts that were discovered.

The Shard of Life and Shard of Death were discovered and brought to the station by different means. The Shard of Life was brought by a Cardassian Gul who would use it on Kelsi Dawson in an attempt to inpregnate her. The Shard of Death had been brought to the station on board the USS Becker earlier in the month and was later brought back. In November of 2390 after these events Doctor Travis Cunningham successfully combined the six into a disc which would unleash the Ortani into the system. The Ortani were eventually defeated, but the Council of Ivaldia ultimately had to choose to save the planet. During the battle Vidal Fleet Yards was destroyed along with the Ivaldi System.

Destruction of the USS Haeva

In 2390 the United Federation of Planets President Qax Traht came to visit and take a tour of the facilities for Vidal Fleet Yards. This visit had been planned since he took office, however, it did not take place until the the summer of 2390. During his visit there had been rumors of a potential assassination plot, but these were largely ignored. Despite having higher levels of security and under the direction of Admiral Kaleb Potter the USS Haeva was taken control of via remote and used to crash land onto the planet.

Javelin City took the brunt of the crash and many buildings were either destroyed or heavily damaged. The worst damage was at the Javelin City Convention Center where the President was located. Many people were killed and the starship was destroyed, among the dead was Governor Wesley Holtz who was discovered with the President of the Federation. Vice President Lucius McRaven was swiftly sworn in as the next President of the Federation and a full investigation was underway. The top suspect was Admiral Kaleb Potter who disappeared before he could be apprehended. After the Ivaldi System was destroyed and Ivaldi III moved to the Delta Quadrant, Admiral Potter was found dead after having been tortured for an undetermined amount of time.

Return From The DQ

Towards the end of the year 2390 and after the battle against the Ortani the Fourth Council of Ivaldia commenced and it was decided that Ivaldi III would be spared the fate of destruction. The planet was moved through time and space by the Fin'ul, Belphans, and Celestians despite the Celestian desire to destroy it and kill everyone. The planet arrived in the Vulara System where the inhabitants discovered that the planet was no longer geologically stable. After the discovery of the Drekkonian people living in New Drekor, an underwater city, the Starfleet crew were able to find a way to contact the Belphans and Fin'ul. It was also determined that the core of the planet had been tampered with by the Celestians.

After contact with the Fin'ul and Belphans had been made, they were able to return the planet back to the Alpha Quadrant at a time just before the system was destroyed. The Fifth Council of Ivaldia took place where the Celestians were condemned for their actions and ejected as council race members. The Federation also stepped down from being members of the council. The anomaly was removed and Ivaldi III was left once again in the Ivaldi System where contact with the Federation was established back in the year 2390. Starfleet then transported large sections of a Spacedock class station that was used to replace the headquarters for Vidal Fleet Yards.