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Player Rights & Responsibilities

All members of Vidal Fleet Yards have the right to a safe and enjoyable gaming environment. This means the following:

  • Freedom from Harassment - At no time may any person harass a member of Vidal Fleet Yards. Harassment is defined as: aggressive pressure or intimidation.
  • The Right To Say No - All members of Vidal Fleet Yards are within their right to say no to anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. Both in character and out of character situations apply.
  • To Be Able to Play Their Character(s) - All members of Vidal Fleet Yards are permitted to play their characters within reason. Nobody is permitted to tell them how to write their character, nor allowed to arbitrarily write them without going through proper channels.
  • Freedom from Attack - All members of Vidal Fleet Yards will not endure trolling, flaming, or defamation of personal character.
  • Respect - All members of Vidal Fleet Yards have the right to be respected by others regardless of their personal choices.
  • Freedom from Discrimination - Members of Vidal Fleet Yards shall not be discriminated against for any reason.

All members of Vidal Fleet Yards are expected to respond to tags in a timely manner and to respect their fellow writers. All members have the responsibility to respect the rights of others. Members are expected to respect all decisions made by the Command Team and utilize proper channels to file any grievances or appeals. The Command Team has the responsibility to notify the members of any and all changes to the simm rules.

The banned player list can be found here.

Applicant Rules & Acceptance Policy

In order to be accepted as a member of Vidal Fleet Yards a potential applicant has to be at least 16 years of age, have read and understood all the rules, cannot be listed on the banned players list, and have filled in a majority of the application with information regarding their character. The sample post is required for all applicants and is grounds for immediate denial if left blank.

At a minimum the application must make some grammatical sense and not be riddled with spelling errors. If the application cannot be fully understood by the command team while reviewing it then the application will be denied. All applicants understand that the Command Team determines who is permitted to join and who is not. A reason doesn’t necessarily have to be given for a denial and any harassment or threats pertaining to the denial will be met with a ban.

This simm does not, nor will it ever, deny a player based on any protected class. These are as follows:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sex (Orientation, identity, pregnancy)
  • Gender
  • National Origin
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Genetic Information
  • Disability

The following races are forbidden:

  • Vorta
  • Jem’Hadar
  • Q
  • Voth
  • Any race eliminated in the Time War in the Enterprise series
  • Player created races & Not established in the novels, shows, or movies
  • Androids

The following characters are forbidden:

  • Any character from another show or series outside of the Star Trek Universe
  • Any race not in the Star Trek Universe
  • God-Mod characters (i.e. Rambo and Chuck Norris)
  • Adult characters who are child-like in appearance
  • Overly sexualized characters
  • Superheroes
  • Characters directly related to, named the same, and/or any variation of a character depicted in the shows and movies.

Positions on board the garrison ships are not available for applicants. If the position is filled by a PNPC then the player writing the character will be asked prior to acceptance. If the player declines then the applicant will be requested to pick a new position.

This simm does not accept applications on the basis that the applicant will fill in the blanks later. For example if an applicant doesn’t fill in their character history and promises to fill it in later they will be denied.

Simm Rating

This is considered a 16+ Simm with a rating as follows: Language: 1 Sexual Content: 2 Violence: 2


Mild swearing is permitted, however, heavy amounts of swearing or profanity laced posts are not.

Sexual Content

Innuendo and references are permitted within the guidelines that are explained. There are multiple characters on this simm that are under the age of 18 which by law is the legal age of consent for this simm. There are also players who are under the age of 18 on this simm. The following guidelines are hereby in effect:

  • Characters under the age of 18 are not permitted to engage in any form of sexual activity In Character. (Kissing and Hand Holding does not fall into this category)
  • Players who are under the age of 18 are not permitted to engage in any form of sexual activity with their characters regardless of the age of the character.

Any post that was put onto the simm prior to September 09, 2021 is subject to being grandfathered in and shall not be altered. Posts following the listed date are subject to this rule.


Explicit Violence is permitted. Extreme acts of violence are not permitted.

Fleet Status

Vidal Fleet Yards is part of 22nd Fleet and therefore follows the same guidelines, policies, and rules as set forth by 22nd Fleet. The Code of Conduct and By-Laws can be found at the links below. The fleet charter link is also listed here. All three of these can be found in the helpful link section as well.

Posting Rules

All players are expected to post at least once per month and respond to tags within a reasonable amount of time. The response time should be as close to 72 hours as possible. Players are expected to write their character within the scope of their abilities and should not extremely exceed them.

All posts are expected to: Be a minimum of 500 words Have proper spelling and grammar with minimal mistakes Have the location box properly filled in (i.e. Convention Center, Javelin City) Be in English (Posts with words spoken in foreign language should be in English with boldface font and with the identified language written out.)

Leave of Absence and Extended Leave of Absence are expected to take anywhere from 4 days to 7 for a Leave and anything past 7 days is expected to be an extended Leave. Players are expected to attempt regular communication when this needs to be extended unless they cannot do so. Should a natural disaster, or fire take place then the player is expected to notify the Command Team as soon as they are safely able to do so. At this time they will be placed on an extended Leave of Absence until such time that they deem themselves able to return.

Strike System & Removal

Players are allotted three strikes for all of the above listed rules with the exception of severe misconduct. Severe misconduct is the violation of the rights of others and repeated violations of the Sexual Content rule. In these two instances a player will be placed in a temporary ban status until an investigation is concluded.

Person(s) who’ve violated the rights of others as listed above can be added to the banned list for the simm in order to protect its members. If there is substantial evidence to indicate that a person has violated the rights of another player as listed above then they will be banned without ever having joined the simm.

Removal Process

  • Any player removed due to 3 strikes must wait 90 days to reapply to the simm
  • Any player removed due to severe violation(s) of the Simm Rating rules will be banned following the 7 days that they have to appeal the decision
  • Any player found to be in violation of the age rating (too young for the simm rating) will be removed and not permitted to reapply until they are of age
  • Any player who violates the Rights & Responsibilities rules by violating the rights of others are banned following the 7 days they have to appeal
  • Any player who is in violation of the above notation about harassment, infringement upon the rights of others, are herein banned following the 7 days to appeal

Appeals & Grievances

All players have the right to appeal any strike against them or a temporary ban. Applicants may also appeal any ban levied against them. Any player or applicant must provide evidence of innocence or that they’ve changed their ways before it is reviewed by the Command Team. Appeals will be decided within a 7 day period.

All players have the right to a grievance system. Players must provide details and be willing to participate in the process. The Command Team will review all grievances and any member of the Command Team who’s involved will recuse themselves during the process. Grievances must be reviewed and decided within a 7 day period. All involved people will be kept up to date and communication shall remain intact.

General Etiquette

Real Life First... Always

Real life has always and will always take precedence over what we do here on Vidal Fleet Yards. This is very important and why each and every member here has a right to privacy and freedom from harassment. If a player needs a break or some time away from the game then they have the right to do so for any reason.

Out of Character

Vidal Fleet Yards is a community of writers that all share a common goal of writing the story of our characters and the story surrounding our station. Together we have a responsibility of reading the posts that our fellow writers post and, working together to achieve the overall goal. Together we will succeed in the overall mission of the game so long as we realize that together there isn’t a limit to what we can imagine. Please keep in mind that no conflict, big or small, cannot be resolved by you the players or us the command team. We are all responsible for the overall appearance in our writing meaning that the use of proper grammar and spelling must be adhered to, and that while minor errors are alright, bigger errors will be fixed by the command team.

In Character

All players are to keep in mind that you are to play your character and/or NPC’s and not another players character and/or NPC’s without the written permission of said other player. Keep in mind also that if you are, for example, playing a Starfleet officer there are certain guidelines that make a Starfleet officer capable of doing their duty. Now, yes we are all human (and, playing humans or other species) so some leeway is perfectly fine as nobody is rigid and perfect. Everybody has their bad days, not everybody gets along, and some characters have personality flaws be a member of Starfleet or not. There is no such thing as Rambo in Starfleet or otherwise weapons run out of energy in their power cells and we cannot single-handedly kill off 100 bloodthirsty Klingon warriors. Keeping that in mind yes, be a hero when it is necessary or get injured because a phaser blast is a painful experience take it from any red shirt. But, our characters are not invincible and, writing Rambo and Superman is not Trek so I implore you to not do that.

Conflict Resolution

There will be times when we do not agree on something and, that is perfectly fine. Keep in mind that all conflict resolution should start at the lowest possible place to resolve. In most cases another player may not even be aware that they’ve offended someone else and, will apologize and refrain from taking that action again. In rare instances the conflict has to be taken to the next possible level which is the Command Team and, we will assist in finding a resolution. Minor problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently with little more than words and a promise or agreement.

Larger problems may take a bit more finesse than simply words and an agreement between all parties involved. A full investigation will be conducted and, some sort of consequence will be presented to the offending party. The command team may decide to begin moderating posts and, in extreme cases may opt to remove the player entirely from the game.

It's Supposed To Be Fun

Above all else keep in mind that this is only a game and supposed to be a safe writing environment for all players. Our first mission is to enjoy it otherwise it’ll become painful and we could lose our inspiration. It is perfectly understandable to need a break from time to time so not to burn ourselves out and, we all have this one common interest.

Don't Run Each Other Over

Write your own character(s) don’t write each other’s character(s) unless permission has been received and the Commanding Officer is made aware of this. If a JP stalls out contact the other player first and, in the worst case the Executive Officer and Commanding Officer will handle it. If the JP needs to be erased this is perfectly fine as long as the players involved all agree to that step. If a player doesn’t want to write with you don’t force the issue there could be a million reasons why they don’t want to.


It is very important to read the posts so that you know what is going on in the story so not to completely ignore something, or an opening at the end of a post that you weren’t part of that suddenly draws you into the story. It is not required to read each post word for word skimming is perfectly alright just so long as you know what’s going on. There are few things that are worse than feeling like you’ve been ignored by another player, or another player doing the same task as you did. So please keep that in mind as you are reading even if that means checking on something mid-post.

Copyright Statement

Vidal Fleet Yards is a Star Trek Role Playing Game originally created by Confusedfire while he was still a member of Bravo Fleet and is loosely based off of some concepts thereof. All other content, including posts and characters, are property of this sim and its players. In no way is this simm still a member of Bravo Fleet and therefore any fleet utilizing the name Vidal Fleet Yards is in no way related to this simm. This simm is the brain child of Confusedfire and also the original Vidal Fleet Yards. The Command Team does not condone nor did they allow for any other fleet to maintain the name Vidal Fleet Yards in any public or private registry. Anyone claiming that they created the concept in which this simm runs on is mistaken and shall be treated as a hostile entity.