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How It Works

Vidal Fleet Yards is a completely different experience from that of a Starship Simm in the Trek universe. Because the player base is somewhat larger and there are a lot of moving pieces most episodes will have two main plot lines going at the exact same time. There are also several smaller plot lines going on that may either be loosely related to each other, or not related at all. Some of the smaller plot lines could potentially turn into a main plot line at a later time. So how do you keep up with all of these different stories that could be happening at the same time?

You read the posts.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind whether you’re looking to join or reading the posts from this simm is that from time to time the players write their characters in a way that they have to deal with very bad things. While, the bad things are either in an innuendo type setting or written about having happened previously these are hard topics for people to read. This is not limited to just the adult characters as several of the children characters have also been put in really bad situations. If you are one of those people who are either easily offended and bothered by these situations then this is your warning to avoid reading most of the posts. Posts dealing with these things are typically given some sort of a warning label unless it’s after the fact. If situations like these trigger PTSD then it is highly advised that you look for another simm to write on because these things have happened and will happen in the future.

This guide will help anyone who’s interested in reading the stories, understanding the backstory to the simm, how the concept works, and will help new/old players alike. New potential players should definitely read and understand what this guide is attempting to express as well.

Simm Concept

Vidal Fleet Yards is almost entirely an open world concept where the characters and their respective players drive the story and the action. It is really up to the players to write their own destiny so to speak and to get themselves involved in the main plots that help drive the primary story of the simm while also coming up with ways to involve their characters with the character of the station itself. The primary importance on this simm is that the players make the story the story does not make the players or their characters.

In simple terms, players who choose to join Vidal Fleet Yards have to accept that the simm command team is not going to tell them what each character will be doing for a main plot unless they are directly involved. Not every character both Playing and Non-Playing alike are going to be involved in a main plot. Therefore, it is up to those players to create their own world and their own story so to speak.

Another important factor is that many of the characters were previously on another simm called the USS Onnar and their stories continued beyond that time. There are a lot of back references to what happened on the USS Onnar, but the website no longer exists. The biggest items that are referenced are listed in this guide to help new players and readers understand some of those stories without having to need to read them or go back.

USS Onnar... A Brief Story

The sole purpose of this section is for people who aren't familiar with the USS Onnar to read and catch up on some major plotlines that have continued to play out on Vidal Fleet Yards for the characters. Reader discretion is highly advised for some parts.

Onnar Episode 2

While conducting a planetary survey the character Elizabeth de Planca, then a twelve-year-old girl, was forcibly given an implant that gave her abilities beyond what a normal human has. She became telepathic and as a side effect was capable of using telekinetic abilities. This was a writer’s choice and has affected the character from that point onward. This was used heavily at the end of Season One for Vidal Fleet Yards and has been a very long running arc for that character. By the end of Episode 8 for Vidal Fleet Yards the implant will be gone, but the story probably isn’t quite over.

Onnar Episode 9

The USS Onnar had been damaged when a space-faring species in the Gamma Quadrant attacked the ship. While gathering materials to make repairs, since the ship was operating in deep space at the time, the vessel was operating in a system inhabited by a pre-warp society known as the Lorentians. The Lorentians had technology beyond their own capability to make, however, most Lorentians were unaware of this fact. They were also an all male society due to a genetic defect which resulted in extinction for all females in their species.

The following girls were kidnapped: Elizabeth de Planca, Ashley de Planca, Adriana O’Malley, Jami Bostru, Olivia Grayson, Arika Washington, and Rose Cohen.

The Lorentians then stripped the girls of their clothing and preceded to experiment on them in the hopes that during the simulation the girls would show some signs of the ability to be used to repopulate their planet. It was all a holo-projected simulation that was very realistic for the girls involved. And, it was a very involved situation for each of them that was somewhat graphic in places. However, the girls were eventually rescued by a tactical team from the ship. It is believed that the Lorentians eventually went extinct or are still on a downhill slide.

Note: This is an ongoing story within Vidal Fleet Yards and has been referenced many times by many different characters who were affected by the traumas. At one point it was thought that perhaps the situation would be resolved, but the Command Team and the respective players involved in the ongoing story decided to keep pushing forward with the story. What the characters went through isn’t something that you get over in a night or two. This story arc will probably continue for the foreseeable future, but primarily in reference only as the characters continue to deal with their scars from it.


There were other smaller stories with the USS Onnar as it went ten episodes before the crews of both simms decided to combine everything into one simm. But, the two items listed above are really big story arcs that have carried over. There are references to the Celestians, which were a Gamma Quadrant race responsible for influencing pre-warp societies in the region. An entire database was given to the crew of the Onnar by the Celestians that has yet to be fully analyzed.

Puzzle Pieces

There are other ways that the Command Team and the players work to drive the stories beyond just an episode to episode basis. This goes past just the meta-arcs or the open world concept. The big item here is the Fleet News Service (FNS) articles and the intel/engineering reports that are posted from time to time. These are used to summarize events, build plots that may happen or are happening, and affect the story itself without the need for players to necessarily react to them. In the future there will be more items added, but as a simming group we are taking things slowly as we continue to develop ourselves moving forward.

Tying It Together

The hardest concept for many new players and even potential players is that Vidal Fleet Yards is a living, breathing simm with a lot of different back stories all tied into one. There are several meta-arcs that have either been ongoing or are starting up, many of the subplots begin as little ideas before expanding into much larger concepts, and the characters really drive the story. It was always true for the Onnar that the characters reacted to the situation as opposed to simply fixing it and moving on.

This is true of Vidal Fleet Yards in that situations continue to rise and fall as the characters deal with the short term problems immediately and take a longer time to resolve the long term problems. The Command Team doesn’t keep track of every story that is going on, however, we do try and keep up. If you have questions regarding something don’t hesitate to ask just be prepared for it to take a small amount of time before we have an answer if it’s a plot that we aren’t directly involved in.

Further, it should be noted that when it comes to the main plot players are more than welcome to figure out a way to get involved with them whether with their playing character, a non-playing character, or by making a new non-playing character. Suggestions from players are always welcome, but before adding a plot twist players are required to discuss it with the command team first. In most cases it’ll be included in some way. Main plots are fluid in that changes can and are often made throughout the course of the episode it’s associated with. However, they are also rigid in that a skeletal structure has already been determined so extreme changes could severely impact the episode either positively or negatively.

Don’t expect to join Vidal Fleet Yards and become integrated into every single plot or even the main plot immediately or at all. The Command Team tries really hard to put main plots that as many players can be involved in as possible, but at the end of the day with so many players this is really a difficult task. Be prepared to write your characters destiny yourself and be a self starter because, while the Command Team will give new players suggestions, we will not tell you how to write your character or how to involve yourself into the story. It’s really on the players with Vidal Fleet Yards and if that’s not for you we understand. The Command Team also hopes that this guide helped you understand things a bit better!

Joining Instructions

The Command Team for Vidal Fleet Yards doesn’t actively recruit for new players to join the simm. There are many reasons behind that besides the sheer size of the simm itself. While, this is a daunting thing for newer players to grasp, Vidal Fleet Yards is a highly active and somewhat fast paced simm with a lot of back story and life to it. As it states above the players and their respective characters have built this group along with the Command Team.

A lot of time and effort has gone into the making of the simm and a lot of stories are presented in a way that may be offensive to or trigger some people. Therefore, the process for acceptance is quite challenging on the Command Team and the player who decides to apply to the simm. This is just a brief overview of the process in which the Command Team uses to determine whether or not a player is a good fit for the simm. And, in most cases it is simply because the Command Team doesn’t feel that we need an additional player in places or take a risk that a player will up and quit or go inactive.

As stated in several places all potential applications are reviewed, but at the present time Vidal Fleet Yards isn’t really accepting new players. Unless something really catches the eye of the Command Team that applicant is most likely not to be chosen. Regardless, here is the step by step process that is taken.


  • The applicant reaches out or simply submits an application to join the simm.
  • The Command Team reviews it. Anything that is grounds for automatic denial is discussed and the applicant in this instance is denied and informed of the decision by the command team. Grounds for immediate denial are listed, but not limited to:
  • Failure to write a sample post. [Unless otherwise instructed this is always required]
  • Previous experiences that were detrimental to a safe gaming environment (Either on another simm or one ran by the Command Team).
  • Association with a previous group or person who is detrimental to the gaming environment [Unless otherwise specified by the Command Team]
  • The Command Team takes up to 72 hours to review the application before a final decision is reached. The player is then informed of the decision.