Episode 15 - A Time of Healing

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A Time of Healing





December 2390


At the conclusion of the Fifth Council of Ivaldia the Fin’ul and Belphan revealed the true nature of their technological abilities. The anomaly that destroyed the Immense Class starbase for Vidal Fleet Yards has been closed and sealed forever. Ivaldi III has returned to its proper place in the Ivaldi System and it’s 2390 for the crew and civilians living in the system.

A new Spacedock class station was transported into the system in pieces for reassembly and the affected drydocks, orbital platforms, and Cessna Station are undergoing repairs. The USS Dunkirk and USS Becker are both also undergoing repairs. The many other vessels that were damaged during the battle are sitting in drydock as well. With much of the crew able to return to the completed parts of the station, life appears to be returning to normal.

Starfleet personnel are now able to turn their attention towards the continued support of the Drekkonian people and reunification with the rest of the Alpha Quadrant. Old trade lanes are established once more. Now is the time for answers, however, as representatives from Starfleet Command have arrived in order to conduct a full investigation into what happened. All while everyone celebrates an ancient Earth holiday known as Christmas…


Vidal Fleet Yards has returned to the year 2390 after the successful transition by the Ivaldian Council members. It has been a couple weeks since the Federation and Starfleet have been able to enter and depart from the system. Now is a time of rebuilding as the newly constructed Spacedock class station is nearing completion. Captain Neela Izal happily invites Admiral Grace Winstrom and her entourage of Starfleet Admirals to the station.

Vice Admiral Mahkru, with the help of Lieutenant Gelo Pajes, launches an official investigation into the Ortani invasion. Based on Starfleet records the planetary system was only out of contact for a few days, but for the crew it had been months. While this is happening Braxton Croyle is contacted by Howard Morgan and Taiba Vokan regarding a peace agreement between the Ebon Cabal and the Tuitchev Syndicate. Both sides wish for some sort of end to the organizational conflict that has been happening.

Ashley de Planca with the help of her friends has been charged with planning a Christmas party for the children because Commander Iazil Naadel wishes to have some Christmas festivities on the planet. It is a time of healing across the planet as Javelin City begins decorating the city for the upcoming festivals and Christmas markets. A parade has also been planned, however, Commander Naadel finds herself being promoted to Captain.

Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca takes over as Executive Officer once Iazil has left the station. And her promotion isn’t the only one as several other high ranking senior officers are also promoted and depart from the station. Captain Neela Izal is quick to fill the vacant roles with personnel and reshuffles the station’s organizational structure. Throughout the course of the investigation Captain Neela Izal also decides that Starfleet personnel need to be more consolidated.

Plans to close Cessna Station begin as the investigation goes into the final stages and the crew are cleared of any wrongdoing. These developments are followed by the decision by Admiral Andrea Phelps, Chief of Starfleet Personnel, and her decision to offer Captain Izal an opportunity to command another starship. This would mean several personnel would be departing from the station and replacement officers would be needed.

Despite this Captain Neela Izal, and her crew, decide jointly to turn down the offer from Starfleet which leads to the decision to place a different Captain in charge of the mission. Meanwhile, the festivities are a huge success despite the discovery of Lieutenant Jay Hoffman and seven other people in the Rilla Forest. Each of them were tortured and killed in much the same fashion as Admiral Potter had been earlier in the month. They were all associated with Nika Tuitchev and Lieutenant Hoffman was working as an undercover operative.

Out of Character

  • The episode began on August 12, 2021 and ended on December 23, 2021. It is the final episode for the simm year 2390.
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