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Vidal Fleet Yards has a five member Command Team. The Game Manager is Confusedfire while Hedwig plays the Executive Officer. Hedwig is the Assistant Game Manager along with GGTrek who is also the Second Officer. The remaining members of the command team are not considered to be Assistant Game Managers, but play a vital role in running the simm.


Confusedfire plays Captain Neela Izal as his primary character, and several Non-Playing Characters. He’s been in the simming world for a number of years and part of numerous fleets and groups. Captain Izal has been used on three separate simms and once held the rank of Commodore for a short time on two separate occasions. While, he is the overall Game Manager for Vidal Fleet Yards, Confusefire believes in equal shares. He prides himself in allowing his command team to have equal votes and so chose four other people to help him run the simm so that there aren’t voting ties.


Hedwig plays Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca as her primary character, and some Non-Playing Characters. She’s been simming for about six years now, and hopes to run her own simm one day. She has filled a variety of roles and has had her character through three separate simms under Confusedfire. She doubles as the primary Assistant Game Manager and is the simm Executive Officer.


GGTrek plays Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin as his primary character. He's been simming for about eight years, and is an Assistant Game Manager for the simm. His character also is the Second Officer. He has simmed with Confusedfire and the other members of VFY on two different simms including this one. His primary role is to assist in the out of character situations that may arise. He's also charged with some of the behind the scenes tasks while also taking over the simm when both the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer are on LOA.


STim plays Commander Stephen O'Malley MD as his primary character and some Non-Playing Characters. He has been simming for over ten years and has ran his own simm in the past. He's been simming with Confusedfire for nearly his entire time in some capacity. He's been Confusedfire's Executive Officer on a couple occasions as well. STim is responsible for approving sub-plots that may affect the simm as a whole.


AGroves plays Lieutenant Commander Kelsi Dawson as her primary character. She was the first Executive Officer for the USS Onnar until she was deployed while in the military and had to leave simming behind. She eventually returned to simming and joined Vidal Fleet Yards. She's ran one simm and quickly learned it simply wasn't for her. AGroves helps by developing plot ideas and potential arcs that carry the simm forward.