Cessna Station

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Cessna Station
Class Information
Assigned System:

Ivaldi System


Regulus Class



Unique Features

Cessna Station SB-815 is a Regulus-class station in orbit of Ivaldi II in the Ivaldi System. It’s primary function is to serve as an orbital industrial fabrication facility. The station houses the entire Fabrication department for Vidal Fleet Yards and houses the Research and Development department as well. Cessna Station is named for Clyde Cessna who was an aerospace engineer from the nineteenth century on Earth. The station was destroyed in 2390 when the Ivaldi System was destroyed by an anomaly that was opened by Doctor Travis Cunningham. In 2394 the crew of Vidal Fleet Yards were able to contact the Belphans and Fin'ul who brought them back in time and preventing the destruction of the Ivaldi System. Cessna Station officially closed down and was dismantled at the end of 2390 after the crew from Vidal Fleet Yards and Ivaldi III were returned to their proper timeline. The crew that were aboard were then transferred to the primary station.

The Station


The specifications for Cessna Station can be found on: Regulus Class

Background Information


Construction on Cessna Station began in the year 2386 one year after construction on Vidal Fleet Yards’ Starbase 812 and concluded in 2389. The station came online in early 2390 and personnel were swiftly assigned to the second starbase. One of the two starship docks have been re-purposed to be used for large scale fabrication. The other starship dock is reserved for use by the USS Haeva when the starship is being used to test bed new technologies. Most of the station offices have also been re-purposed to serve as scientific labs for the Research and Development department. Part of the station design team also work from Cessna Station in conjunction with those from Research and Development.


Cessna Station works closely with Vidal Fleet Yards by providing fabrications support for the primary station. The station only operates on the Alpha and Beta duty system. Operational support from Vidal Fleet Yards takes over operations of Cessna Station after 1900 hours system time. The station has two starship bays the primary bay is designated for the USS Haeva whenever the ship is brought in to be upgraded with systems that are being put through test bed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. The Fabrications Department is responsible for the day to day functionality of the station itself and use the secondary bay in order to construct large scale equipment and objects to be used by the S.C.E.

The labs and offices for Research & Development have been moved from Vidal Fleet Yards to Cessna Station where they continue their work. Several engineering labs and offices have also moved to the station as well from the Design Department. Most of the 450 personnel who work on the station either live on Vidal Fleet Yards or Ivaldi III. The quarters are limited since most of the station has been repurposed to serve as a fabrications and R&D location in the system.