Following the Battle of Ivaldi III between Ortani forces and Starfleet, Ivaldi III was temporarily thrown into the future and a totally different quadrant. The planet Ivaldi III was returned to the year 2390 and back to its rightful place in the Alpha Quadrant. Now it is 2391 and the residents of the Ivaldi System, along with their Starfleet counterparts on the Spacedock Class starbase Vidal Fleet Yards, are thriving once more. Trade routes have been reestablished and it is business as per usual.

Vidal Fleet Yards (SB-812) is under the command of Captain Neela Izal and Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca. The USS Becker (NCC-81996) serves as a mobile engineering and repair ship while the USS Dunkirk (NCC-90841) serves as a patrol vessel making certain trade routes remain clear of any threats. As a Fleet Yard the station has over fifty dry dock’s that service both civilian and Starfleet associated starships. Other vessels are able to dock inside of the station in order to refuel and take on supplies.

Ivaldi III was once home to the Ortani race, later known as the Ivaldians, and it was their seat of power. There is so much more to the Ortani, and the Ivaldians who replaced them, than is presently known to Starfleet personnel. The science teams continue to examine ruins as they are discovered in order to learn more about those who came before the Federation colonized the planet. The Ivaldi System is a binary star system that contains five separate planets and multiple orbital platforms.

Vidal Fleet Yards is an engineering centric simm with an age rating of 15+ within the Star Trek universe. The simm has been active for over three years with many of the same players remaining aboard. With a player base that has 30 separate writers our mission is to write great stories and continue to build up the simm and the world associated within it. We strive to have a safe gaming environment that is friendly to all people of all backgrounds. Please take the time and check us out!

Latest News Items

» Simm Update - Mid January Edition

Posted on Fri Jan 14th, 2022 by Captain Neela Izal in Out of Character

Illustrious Crew,

After much discussion among the Command Team and after spending a couple weeks in a cooling off period to adjust to leaving 22nd Fleet, the decision was reached to officially join a fleet. Earlier today Vidal Fleet Yards was officially accepted into Obsidian Fleet. Note the shiny new banner on the main page. The links to their rules have been added so please familiarize yourselves if you haven't already. We are also part of Task Force 29 since we are 6 years behind the fleet timeline (This is perfectly okay).

Since we've moved into a new fleet the age rating will change slightly and we will become a 15+ simm instead of a 16+ simm. Updates will follow in the coming days as things are brought about to better align with our fleet membership. Please consider joining their discord if you would like to do so. In other news, the new episode is chugging along rather nicely. If you have any questions on that front don't hesitate to ask one of us on the Command Team.


Command Team

» End of The Year Report

Posted on Fri Dec 31st, 2021 by Captain Neela Izal in General News


The end of 2021 is officially upon us. This year our simm has seen its ups and its downs. A number of changes have happened throughout the year in order to help improve the quality of the simm as we approached our third consecutive year of operation. Players changed characters and we made changes to our rules in order to better align with different thoughts and ideas. We were in the Delta Quadrant and then we were not.

We left one fleet to rejoin 22nd Fleet and as of today I am officially announcing that we have quietly returned to Independent status as of a few days earlier. There is no animosity or harsh feelings and the Command Team will not state why we have returned to being independent, however, we feel that for the time being this is our best option.

I hope everyone has a better 2022 than what we've experienced through 2021. On Sunday January 2nd we will be officially returning to normal posting unless previous arrangements were already made. We've also officially made the jump into 2391 as the simming year. The command team has already made great strides in coming up with new content that's coming up. Episode 16 is the start of a 2 part finale to our longest running story arc. And we're diligently working on a finale for another long running story arc.

The command team is aware that the cornerstone of our simming community is going to be slowly going away. We boast one of the largest populations of writing characters that are teenagers and children. As we progress through the years those characters develop into young adults so the command team want to announce one of the biggest new parts of the simm that will be coming in the near future:

Starfleet Academy Campus
Ivaldi University

These two higher learning opportunities will be added into the parts of the simm that we've already had. This was part of why the command team decided to condense things down into one space station so that our focus could be more on the planet and the station. We are also keenly aware of the enjoyment that many players get in writing their younger characters and so we will be expanding that opportunity in the new year.

As for the status of the simm... The command team has deemed that the simm is pretty healthy as we continue to move forward. There were some bumps, but we've moved past those. I hope everyone is ready for 2022 as we continue to push forward through Season 3 and beyond.


Command Team

» Season 3, Episode 4

Posted on Thu Dec 23rd, 2021 by Captain Neela Izal in General News


Episode 16 (Season 3, Episode 4) has started officially as of today. The shoreleave will remain in effect until the start of the year as will the relaxed posting. Episode 15 turned out quite well and I'm proud of the time and energy put into it despite it being a character development episode with no real plot to it. The simm year is also changing to 2391. Back in November (Missed it due to real life) the simm turned 3 years old so congratulations! Finally, I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season and I'll see you when we come out of this break period.



» Rules Changes

Posted on Thu Sep 9th, 2021 by Captain Neela Izal in Out of Character


The rules have been updated and restructured please take the time to review them. The biggest change is to the Simm Rating to better align with the simm's core values. Please take the time to review and ask any questions that you may have.

The Command Team has also reviewed the list of Banned Players and voted on each one of them to determine if they shall stand. This is due to the new command team in place. The banned list will remain in effect for all listed on it.


Command Team

» Simm Changes

Posted on Tue Aug 24th, 2021 by Captain Neela Izal in Out of Character


The last couple weeks have brought a series of changes to the simm so as a command team we opted to wait until the changes happened before making a formal announcement. Firstly, an alteration to the simm rules has taken place which removes the two notations regarding harassment. The command team is looking at condensing the rules for the simm, however, that has not taken place just yet. Among the changes have also been a new skin which is now active and ready for use and the rank images have been changed.

There were also discussions among some of the players and myself regarding their characters. The command structure has also changed in alignment with these changes. The predominant reasoning behind the character changes was because some people wanted something fresh. And, as a command team we decided that it was time to rotate some members out for some fresh perspective and the allow some players a chance to change their characters to something more appealing for them:

- Commander Iazil Naadel is now playing her Governor character Jade Engstrom
- Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca is now the Executive Officer
- Commander Chelsea McDanielson is now playing Lieutenant JG Celeste Moneaux, the character has been made the R&D Coordinator
- Lieutenant Commander Manuel de Planca has been promoted to Director of Sciences
- Commander Yvanka Dravex is now playing Lieutenant JG Elle Hayashi the Chief of Physical Sciences
- Commander Jeffery Washington is now playing Lieutenant Sorben ch'Theseski and that character has been made the Chief of Planetary Security
- Lieutenant Commander Kelsi Dawson is now the Director of Engineering
- Lieutenant Mia Grayson has been promoted to Chief Engineering Officer [Fabrication]
- Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin has been promoted to Second Officer
- Lieutenant Commander Novra Bostru has been promoted to Director of Security
- Lieutenant Pobrin Izar switched to Ensign Kendrick Belmont MD
- Lieutenant Commander Kara Stevenson has been made Chief Counselor for the Counseling Department

The new Command Team is as follows:
Captain Neela Izal
Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca
Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin
Lieutenant Commander Kelsi Dawson
Commander Stephen O'Malley

A lot of character swaps and moves had to be made in order to make this possible. I would like to personally thank everyone who was involved in moving characters around. I would also like to thank the previous members of the Command Team for the hard work and dedication they've put into this simm over the past two and a half, almost three, years.


Command Team

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Mission: Episode 16 - Genesis Uprising
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Mission: Episode 16 - Genesis Uprising
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:: Deck 588 Corridors, Vidal Fleet Yards ::

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Mission: Episode 16 - Genesis Uprising
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